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Supreme Court Refuses to Review Trump DACA Appeal

The Supreme Court rejected the Trump administration’s request for it to review a lower court order that the administration must continue accepting DACA renewal applications. Instead, it will alow an appeals court to review the lower court ruling.

In a statement, the justices said they assume “the court of appeals will proceed expeditiously to decide this case.”

President Trump had wanted to end DACA by March 5, but a lower court judge ruled that the program must continue while challenges to Trump’s order are considered.

This is not necessarily a major defeat for Trump, as some headlines are suggesting. The Supreme Court rarely takes up cases before an appeals court has had a chance to rule, so the effort to get the Supreme Court to act now was a reach. The case may still end up before the Justices. This just means the deadline for ending DACA is delayed, but not vacated.

“The district judge’s decision to unilaterally re-impose a program that Congress had explicitly and repeatedly rejected is a usurpation of legislative authority,” said White House spokesman Raj Shah. “The fact that this occurs at a time when elected representatives in Congress are actively debating this policy only underscores that the district judge has unwisely intervened in the legislative process. We look forward to having this case expeditiously heard by the appeals court and, if necessary, the Supreme Court, where we fully expect to prevail.”

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  1. Any court that would uphold a Presidential EO – not a law, is making some unprecedented rulings.
    The court that thinks they can overrule a President in any way is not what the justice system is supposed to do.

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