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Trump at CPAC: “I Try Like Hell to Hide that Bald Spot!”

This is a great moment. Of course, he’ll get ridiculed for it. Note the snarky title of the video by the Washington Post. But it’s exactly the kind of genuineness that people who voted for him – and who were fed up with Washington – love.

5 Responses to Trump at CPAC: “I Try Like Hell to Hide that Bald Spot!”

  1. Free Speech no more. Just got a 12 hour ban on Twitter for re posting a Q Post from 2/22/18.
    This is my tweet to a bunch of Democrats: Q
    People kill people. You are watching a movie. They want you WEAK. SLAVE. SHEEP. DISTRACTION. Q The people know your game Dems!
    Twitter is rigged MSM !!!!

    • Are you saying that some twit running a internet thing has put you in “time out”?
      About your tweet: The libs probably didn’t understand what you were saying anyway.

  2. I did a spit take that would make Danny Thomas proud.
    I can’t wait for the next rally.
    President Trump, no boring “this is not who we are”.

  3. Isn’t it great that the President can laugh at himself, unlike oh-so-serious Barry, who brooked no ridicule or criticism, and who never made a joke at his own expense.