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Trump Reiterates Call for Teachers to be Armed

President Trump Thursday reiterated a call he made Wednesday for teachers to be able to carry concealed weapons in schools. “I want certain highly adept people, people who understand weaponry, guns,” Trump said during a meeting that included the mayor of Parkland, Florida, the site of last week’s school massacre. Trump suggested “a little bit of a bonus” for trained teachers who are armed, throwing out 10, 20, and 40 percent as possible percentages of teachers who might be qualified.

“You can’t hire enough security guards … You need 100, 150 security guards … But you could have concealed on the teachers,” Trump said. “I want my schools protected just like I want my banks, protected.”

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12 Responses to Trump Reiterates Call for Teachers to be Armed

  1. If you read his statement carefully you can see he is calling for “certain highly adept people, people who understand weaponry, guns” to be armed. That means teachers who know how to handle weapons.

    I am not in favorite of giving those types of teachers a part time job being security guards in a crisis situation, but all stories imply that he wants all teachers armed. Not so.

  2. This is idiotic… when there was a fight at my high school some teachers stayed away — and the ones that knew how to handle the situation went out there.

    Now.. it is not a fist fight…it is gun fire…
    The ones that know how to use a gun would handle the situation.

    This is so easy and logical to do…

    Freaking gun free zones are what is idiotic….

    Teachers will teach..

    The .00000whatever time that there is a gunfight —- what teachers are actually teaching… ? None!!!

    Fight or be defenseless — the choice seems easy

    (Only one component of the issue so don’t get on my butt about other items)

  3. I don’t like the idea of arming teachers. There are too many things that could go wrong and we all could make a long list of them without too much thought. Rather, we should harden these schools with trained security professionals who can keep full time watch on security issues in the school.

    • Marcus — as you know I am a fan of most of what you write—

      It is a small difference in words of ‘arming teachers’ versus, say, not restricting the carrying of firearms by properly trained people who want to carry or have access to a firearm.

      To me, it is a big difference. I grew up with guns.. lots and lots of them.. safely used and honored… so my perspective is that there are some people capable of doing a great job.

      I remember retired combat military people who were teachers…. can’t imagine that by wearing a polo shirt and teaching English that the ability to protect (voluntarily) with a firearm is not OK. I suspect that these folks attacking shooters unarmed are working off a conditioned response—- some people run TO the shots… I say that under reasonable conditions That this can be done.

      Not every one —- not everywhere — but I suspect it could work some places very well as either a deterrent or a solution.

      The gunless plan did not work so I am open to thoughtful
      Ideas on what might work better.

      • I see security as an armed
        Set of eyes….. when the lead
        Starts flying I want x number
        Of other personnel getting to arms and making things happen

      • Agree with Mark. A lot of retired military go into teaching. Proper training for people who could pass the push and physical requirements in some area’s could work.

  4. Addressing the supply side of the school shooting question will never work 100% because the supply is too great. Allowing teachers to carry that already have their license to carry will improve school security overnight and is the easiest fix. They have already been vetted by the state and have shown they know how to handle a firearm. After that they can put more policies and procedures in place to arm the others or address other security concerns.

  5. TOTALLY disagree w/trump. not all teachers are going to agree to being forced to be armed. Most are reasonably mild mannered or they wouldn’t be teaching. The sensible and most urgent response is to treat schools like airports – walls, fences with concertina topping and armed EXPERIENCED LEOs at the metal detector GATES! Git er’ done!

  6. Wouldn’t arming change-agents (teachers) contradict the prevailing curricular morality of ‘peace, no bullying, suspending students who bring in toy guns, safe zones for the gender-challenged, no violence, equality, fairness, everybody wins, being a member of the team, being kind, inclusiveness.etc.? Any attempt to ‘solve’ this issue is bogus considering the unanimous departure from Western Man’s ways & means that insured basic order & moral decency & delivered punishment to those who would violate that trust.

  7. Arming teachers will never happen. Most are not inclined and the union will never ever let that happen. And I don’t agree with it. But I think most people would agree with this:

    Metal Detectors in all schools.
    Armed Marshall at the discretion of the school.
    Bag checks.
    Raise the buy age to 21, all weapons
    Raise the use age to 21
    Extend the wait period to 30 days
    End HIPPA law that prevents medical professionals from disclosing at risk individuals to a watch list.
    Same for school psychologists.

    NRA should immediately stop all contributions to politicians and use the funds to create a national center for school safety. That will help their image.

    Add a new tax to all weapons and ammo buys and 100% of it goes to funding metal detectors in schools.

    Ban the AR’s, period.

    Stop wasting time arguing and find sensible solutions that protect children and adults while preserving 2nd Amendment rights.