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Trump Backs Stronger Background Checks, Raising Ownership Age to 21

President Trump Thursday tweeted the outlines of his gun agenda, saying he wants to raise the age at which you can purchase long guns like rifles and shotguns to 21 and strengthen background checks. People already must be 21 to purchase handguns.

Mindful of his base, which includes millions of gun owners and NRA members, Trump was careful to add a shoutout to NRA and Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

Trump has held several events this week related to gun control and will continue discussing the issue next week.

7 Responses to Trump Backs Stronger Background Checks, Raising Ownership Age to 21

  1. Stronger background checks? Surely he jokes?
    oh. wait. He’s suggesting that the FBI actually do their jobs and do real background checks on people that others reported as dangerous.

    This whole tragedy is playing out the same way Sandy Hook did when Obama was President.
    Wringing hands, shouts of criminal collusion, promises of real action, and then nothing.
    It wasn’t the gun, though it was the instrument of death, but the actor who played that “instrument”.

    We can raise the age of gun ownership to 50 years old, but as long as anyone has access to that gun, it doesn’t make any difference. There are millions of firearms and trillions of assorted ammo out here, and nothing is going to take them away from responsible citizens.

  2. “…and nothing is going to take them away from responsible citizens.”
    And nothing will keep guns away from the criminals, because they disobey the laws and NO amount of background checks will affect the criminal who decides to shoot innocent people in gun free zones.

  3. Please note that most of the straw buyers in Fast and Furious had felony convictions, and therefor should have been prohibited from clearing NICS. The FBI runs NICS. Their fraud, corruption, and treason is nothing even remotely new. It has been going on for MANY years now. Shut them down. And jail every one of their employees. Or better yet, execute them for their treason.

  4. I went in to the USAF at seventeen, was sent to Lackland AFB. After an few weeks of playing Groundpounder we finally got to the shooting.I fired off sixteen rounds all total and was qualified as expert. My gun shooting days in the USAF were over. I sat around for about ten days while they were training about six guys how to hold an rifle.
    What I am getting at is, how long will it take to put together an effective army to defend the US in the event of an invasion? The self training that an kid does when he is out “playing” with an BB Gun, Pellet gun or an .22 rifle like, I was given I believe it was on my tenth birthday, taught me a lot. Now I am looking forward to getting an new long gun, this one from “Henry” and I am soon to be 75 years on.