As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Pelosi Suggests “Mowing the Grass” To Stop Illegal Immigration

Okay, now I know Democrats are serious about securing the border. Before, I thought, no. But now, I can see it. We can all work together on this.

Forget the wall. Forget drones. Forget adding border patrol officers. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has found the answer: More lawn mowers.

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9 Responses to Pelosi Suggests “Mowing the Grass” To Stop Illegal Immigration

  1. Sometimes it only takes one honest person to change everything by pointing out the “.emperor has no clothes..”:
    “How much are you worth, Nancy? How much are you worth?” *
    * A question shouted out at a Pelosi campaign rally in Arizona by someone who already knows she’s a multimillionaire.

  2. I would luv to get an illegal to mow my lawn this summer… Can ‘on-set Alzheimer’ (a story NO ONE in the “media”, even FOX News, dare mention, but it is plain as day…) Pelosi recommend any? -LOL