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White House Begins School Shooting PR Blitz; Destination Unknown

The White House today began a PR blitz designed to show concern about school and other mass shootings, and it was unclear just how far this would take President Trump along the path toward Democratic-style gun control measures.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders entered the briefing room today with expressions of praise and sadness about last week’s school shooting in Florida:

Here at the White House, the victims and families have constantly been in our thoughts and prayers. We’ve prayed for the recovery of those injured, and for peace and comfort for the families of those who were lost.

Our broken hearts are filled with gratitude, as we heard the stories of incredible heroism. Fifteen-year-old Anthony Borges was shot five times while he used his body as a human shield for his classmates. He remains in the hospital in recovery. Anthony, thank you for your courage. We are all rooting for you.

Assistant football coach Aaron Feis shielded students from a hail of gunfire, selflessly giving his own life to save others.

Then, she announced that this will effectively be mass shooting solution week:

Tomorrow, we will be hosting parents, teachers, and students here at the White House to discuss efforts to ensure safety at our schools. Members of the Parkland community will be attending this listening session, as will individuals who were impacted by past school shootings, including the Columbine and Sandy Hook tragedies.

On Thursday, we will be hosting local officials, including members of the law enforcement community, to continue that conversation.

Meantime, the White House announced that the Department of Justice would be a rulemaking process that seems designed to end up banning “bump stocks” which make semiautomatic firearms act like automatics.

Trump has suggested he could support a strenthened background check process. Whether this week’s “conversations” will lead to more severe gun contol measures, nobody knows.

11 thoughts on “White House Begins School Shooting PR Blitz; Destination Unknown”

  1. Tweaking gun laws will not solve the problem. What mentally deranged person with bad intentions or inner city drug dealer or enforcer is going to say, “Whoops, I can’t have an AR-15 in my possession anymore because it’s now against the law’? Ridiculous.

    As for school security, how about this idea:

    1.Schools are required to contract with a professional security firm specializing in school security.
    2. Each security officer is armed, extremely well vetted, constantly in training to be in top shape for security issues.
    3. The number of security personnel is based on school population, with a minimum of two per school. In addition to these two officers we have, say, to pick a random number, one officer per 200 students.
    4. Preference is for former military hires–ex-Seal, ex–Delta Force, ex-combat hardened. Should be physically fit, alert, on top of their game.
    5. Security firm is also required to identify all vulnerable security issues in the school, train school personnel how to react in an emergency, locate safe places in the school.
    6. One officer staffs a central desk, coordinating all entrances, the activities of other officers, entrances and egress points of everyone associated with the school.
    7, Have the presence of the security officers in the school highly publicized, so potential murderers are fully aware of the presence of the officers and will be shot on sight if they attempt to enter the school to do harm.
    8. Routinely brief school staff and students about security issues in the school, attempts to enter the school by suspicious people, suggestions on how to improve safety in all areas of the school.
    9. Coordinate activities with local police at all times.
    10 Practice drills scheduled–much like fire drills.
    10 Security personnel in high level of training for all possible security issues.

    There’s lot more to incorporate in such a security program for schools, but it can be and should be done.

      1. Israel sets the standard, as usual in these matters. All schools have armed security personnel. They believe in keeping their kids safe, and they do something about it.

  2. It’s popping up everywhere on FB.
    That “kid” from the Florida HS being interviewed by every TV station and who is so eloquent in demanding that Trump take action, is a “crisis actor” from CA. There are videos of him while he was in Redondo Beach, CA during a ‘crisis’ just last August There are clips of him being coached on what and how to say his speech on gun control. His name is David Hogg. An aspiring actor.

  3. The in school safet6 officers should be sponsored by the NRA, both publicly and financially. Think of the positive impact it could bring…

  4. Pre-1965 America is gone. Mental & physical synchrogentetics has displaced & replaced Western man’s code of ethics with humanimalism. Nothing will change this but the re-ascendancy of the Western Man & his Christ which cannot begin to happen (if ever) until well after the passing of the hep-c generation.

  5. Dems no longer parading DACA kids – they turned out to be too old, too demanding, and non-cute.

    Now, they have a new pack to exploit. Much cuter and with an even better experience to relate.

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