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Political Scientists Rate Trump the Worst President Ever

Well what did you expect? These are college professors, for God’s sake.

President Trump rated last, right below James Buchanan, who set the stage for the Civil War. He was several places behind Millard Fillmore, who is remembered as the greatest man ever to be named “Millard.”

Barack Obama is the eighth best president ever.

Enough said.

According to the survey:

The 2018 Presidents & Executive Politics Presidential Greatness Survey was conducted online via Qualtrics from December 22, 2017 to January 16, 2018. Respondents were current and recent members of the Presidents & Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association, which is the foremost organization of social science experts in presidential politics.

The results of this ranking are quite similar to the 2014 ranking: Abraham Lincoln again tops the list (95.03 average), followed by George Washington (92.59), Franklin Delano Roosevelt (89.09), Teddy Roosevelt (81.39), Thomas Jefferson (79.54, Harry Truman (75.15), and Dwight Eisenhower (75.43). This is the same order as last year. After these first seven places, however, there are several significant changes from 2014. Barack Obama now occupies the 8th slot (71.13), up ten places from 2014. He is followed by Ronald Reagan (69.24), Lyndon Johnson (69.06), Woodrow Wilson (67.4), and James Madison (64.48). Next comes Bill Clinton at 14th (64.25), down five places from our previous study, followed by John Adams (63.24) and Andrew Jackson (62.16), who drops six places to 15th.

The middle third of the ranking is generally stable with the 2014 results, though Ulysses S. Grant has climbed to 18th (52.88), up seven places from 2014. The bottom third is also largely consistent with our previous survey’s ranking, with two exceptions. First, George W. Bush has risen 5 places (40.42), moving to 30th in this ranking. Second, Donald J. Trump makes his ranking debut at the very bottom of the list. His average rating is 12.34, which is nearly three points lower than James Buchanan (15.09), who previously occupied the lowest rank. William Henry Harrison (19.02), Franklin Pierce (23.25), Andrew Johnson (24.91), Warren Harding (25.26), and Millard Fillmore (27.71) all also reside near the bottom of this ranking.

18 Responses to Political Scientists Rate Trump the Worst President Ever

  1. Looking at the whole list of presidential rankings, I wonder if those “social science experts” are just having fun with their preposterous placings. If they are being serious, I am frightened.

  2. Of course they would decide he’s the “worst”.
    MrTrump is a racist, sexist, homophobe, islamaphobe, demented, insane, treasonous, a crook and a liar.
    That’s why we love and support him.

  3. Here in Democrat Utopia (Mexifornia) we enjoy the highest taxes, most crowded roads, Gangs, drugs,terrible schools, and insane house prices.

    Yes the Dems have made this a great place to leave……….

      • Truman was very unpopular. Today he is rated fairly high.

        I have a friend here who has a sister in the San Diego area. She says retired citizens are homeless; whereas, foreigners are living in government provided housing plus, I image, receiving other government handouts.

        Also, to vote in California all one has to do is produce a driver’s license. One does not have to prove they are a citizen. Starting April 1, all of those receiving a license are automatically put on the voter’s roll. I wonder how many Mexican citizens will be voting this Fall?

        California is upside down.

        • In California, you don’t even need a driver’s license to vote. They are not permitted to ask you for ID. Only that your address (unverified) is in their voting location rolls…
          It is getting harder had harder to live here. There is no other place like it, but the Golden State is no more.

  4. Shocking they picked him last…could have seen that coming a mile away. His detractors look like fools every day – their knee-jerk hatred is almost comical.

  5. Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus during the Civil War.

    FDR ushered in big government.

    Mr0 did whatever the heck he wanted because he had a pen and a phone.

    Yes, I have lots of confidence in this survey.

  6. As to the American Political Science Association–academics and similar critters of the cultural swamp–how many Radical Liberals vs Constitutional Conservatives are there in this bunch? What might the ratio be? 100 fanatic liberals vs 3 conservatives? How many voted for Hillary and how many voted for Trump? I think we all know the answer, yes?

  7. Presidents who left office within the last decade or two should be excluded from the list. But then, they wouldn’t get their headline, would they?

  8. The only way anyone under 75 would know of & about the Constitution is by word of mouth outside of the k-graduate school tax paid thought-control system. To judge any president within the context of the American Manuel cannot be & is not possible, since the said context has been ignored from post Civil War to the present