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School Shootings, Technology, and the Left’s Absence of Meaning

A caller to Mark Levin’s radio show Thursday night made an excellent point. We’ve always had guns in our society. But it’s only recently that we have had this cascade of school and other mass shootings. So the guns haven’t changed. But something else has.

It’s of course easier to talk about restricting guns than the problems in society. Some of those Hollywood celebrities tweeting in favor of gun control might just have to look at themselves. Parents might too. And Silicon Valley.

The Left, which thinks Republicans and the NRA are colluding to kill people, would never suspect that the valueless society and moral relativism it advocates could possibly have something to do with this. It’s destruction of traditional America culture, abetted by massive, unlimited, and unabsorbable immigration, might also come into question.

Political correctness, the chief social weapon of the Left, seeks to enforce an order in which everything is acceptable. If everything is acceptable – that is, every behavior that doesn’t involve actually kicking someone in the head – then ultimately kicking someone in the head, or shooting up a school, is going to happen because society has no social norms.

Technology makes all lifestyles, thoughts, and madnesses acceptable to someone. As Mark Steyn noted last night on Tucker Carlson’s show, if you’re a social misfit loner, you can still find a friend online. With technology, even the worst ideas and most egregious personalities can be validated online.

And violence is a way of life on the web. The technology sector would never want to address that its pervasive violent video games might be creating killers. I’m sure they have lots of money devoted to ensuring the issue comes up as infrequently as possible, particularly in Washington. But our children are being poisoned, inured to violence. And parents, wanting an easy solution for dealing with their kids, are allowing it.

I was looking at a video game a young girl was playing the other day. There were flowers, cute little animals, everything was adorable. All of a sudden, the shooting started. You had to kill the zombies to keep them from eating the flowers, or something.

How many rounds can one fire online before it seems nothing to begin firing them in a school?

Gun control is a band-aid. It feels good and you think you accomplished something. But the true cause of these shootings lies elsewhere. And as the country’s culture and morality continue to unravel, there will be more and more shootings, even if there are fewer guns.

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  1. Excellent thoughts Keith.
    About 15 years ago my son got a video game magazine when I got my kids a PlayStation. One story was about some guy walking on a city street, he found a pile of rotting, raw meat which he then ate. This goon lived & said he honestly thought it would give him strength cuz videogame heros do this all the time.
    Obviously a future Darwin Award winner!
    The video game mindset takes all forms of lunacy.

  2. People do not smoke in restaurants anymore…. We decided that this was how it was going to be…

    We decided…

    We have to decide that what we want is not gun control or whatever…

    We must decide that we want safe schools… Safe Neighborhoods et al….

    Once we REALLY decide this we need a leader without worry about hurting some feelings to make things happen to make safer schools, et al.

    We first have to decide that we want safe schools…

    Lefties are calling for gun control… not safe schools

    We first must commit to wanting safe schools

    Did I say that enough?

    • Safe schools = armed security and teaching professionals trained, armed and walking the halls.
      You see some punk@$$ kid walking around waving a gun, shoot first, ask questions later.
      Israel does it, we can too.

  3. And let us not forget abortion. When it is permissible, no, encouraged, to kill the most defenseless and innocent among us, what meaning can life possibly have?

    • Thank you Verita! I believe violence and demoralization has come down to the actual acceptance of abortion in society, not video games. The killing of babies by the person (mom) who is supposed to have instincts to protect the baby pays for the murder. How demoralized of a society can we get lower than that?

      I’ve been a gamer all my life. I’m a 41 year old mom. My 21 year old daughter has played video games, and I have encountered thousands of players online (there are over 40 million of us) and I can say it’s NOT video games. If it were, the entire population of the US would be wiped out. It’s correlating people who have ate at McDonald’s have murdered people.

      I was a teen in the 90’s. People blamed MTV for sex and violence back then, now video games are the scapegoat. The people complaining that’s it’s violent video games haven’t even played them irks me a bit.

      I’m sorry to have rambled on to your reply, but I agree with you.

      • The problem you are having is comparing yourself to a culture at large. First, just because you know the statistic that there are 40 million gamers, doesn’t mean you know them. I hear this one all the time: “Music is neutral. It has no effect on anyone”. Why would companies spend billions of dollars on jingles if they have no impact? Go to a Grateful Dead, Phish, or Widespread Panic concert and tell me that music has no impact on a single person or a group. MTV absolutely did help expand the sex and drug culture. I say this because I can look back and see that I was impacted greatly by it.

        Violence on the screen does expand the death culture. Its not about guns, its about death. The screen feeds moral relativism.

        • Slightly related. Watching old cop shows or noir movies, they never showed blood & guts. Now every cop show & action movie shows it all. I was disgusted with the new Sherlock Holmes movie, he fought everyone, in the old versions he used his intellect.

        • @Blake Hughes

          I see your perspective, but I disagree. I’ve never claimed to have known them all, I claimed that video games are NOT the problem.
          If people are blaming video games as the cause/root of the problem then they’re the same type blaming the gun and not the person mantra. Video games do impact people. It’s fun. It’s a stress reliever in fact.

          I watched MTV growing up, and managed to stay a virgin until adulthood. Not a violent bone in my body. Same as most of my peers. Music does impact also. Feels good. Dancing releases endorphins.

          With as many as 40 million players there would be more violence with the claims.

  4. “But the true cause of these shootings lies elsewhere.” Exactly. These shootings are not happening merely because guns exist and are available (by legal or illegal means). They are happening because evil has taken root, whether someone is mentally ill or sociopathic. Gun control is WAY easier to deal with than evil.

  5. Ah, Plants vs. Zombies. How that’s actually a thing–and I say this as a gamer–is beyond me.

    But don’t blame Silicon Valley for this. Video games have been around since the 1970’s. And there are a whole lot of games on the market, which don’t require you to kill anything (the “Deus Ex” series comes immediately to mind).

    If H.L. Mencken had ever played Skyrim, he might have said that sometimes, even the stealthiest mage-thief needs to throw on a full set of daedric armor, bust out a legendary warhammer, and start splitting limbs.

    Is the culture a mess? Yes, undoubtedly. But “The Wii Didn’t Start the Fire,” as an underappreciated parody video has it.

  6. When we as a culture insist that there is very little absolute morality, I guess people start to believe it and act on those beliefs.

    Meanwhile Mueller has charged people with pretending to be someone else on the internet. Proves my favorite Abraham Lincoln quote (seen on a social media post): Don’t believe something just because it is on the Internet.

  7. Which ethnicity/religion/nonreligion/culture/life-style/gender & sex preference do we choose to derive a national code of ethics? What of a world atmosphere crammed with techtronics that have subdivided into endless splinters the ability to discern anything as actual, false-flag or hoax? Humanimalism is the result & the coexisters, yoga faithful, nonwhite supremists, wellness & envromentalists, the churches of the deceased God- all of whom are commercially endorsed- assure us that it’s all good. We are living, laughing & loving our way to the outer darkness where there is wailing & gnashing of teeth.

  8. “Gun control is a band-aid. It feels good and you think you accomplished something.”

    You have — you’ve cleared speed-bumps out of the next mass murder’s path.

  9. Years ago I read that the Marines and others in the military played violent video games to desensitize them to killing. If this is true, then it makes sense that impressionable youths, especially those who are alienated misfits, who have no friends, who spend hours playing games like Dead by Daylight, Resident Evil, Super Columbine Massacre (!) and Hatred, will be influenced. Violence plays a huge role in movies and television shows as well. Not everyone who plays these games will turn into a mass murderer, people who are normal and sensible, like Precious and her daughter. But for the alienated, the bullied, the mentally ill, emulating the heroes in the games they play may seem to be a logical step.

  10. I’ve always had similar thoughts about pedophiles. In the old days a pedo had his fantasies and perhaps a few cherished pictures. Now, he can have a bunch of friends, tens of thousands of electronic images, and a network that helps him justify his perversion.

    Same with the school shooters and more.

  11. There is something else NO ONE wants to talk about. The massive amounts of psychotropic drugs that have been prescribed – especially to little boys – beginning in the early 90’s. Doctors really don’t know HOW these drugs work. They do have severe side effects like delusions and homicidal ideations in small numbers of people taking them. Prescribed in the millions and you have a problem. Many of these school shooters were on – or coming off of – these drugs. How come no one is talking about this?

    • Before HMO’s came along in late 1980’s and 1990’s,active boys or loners or kids having trouble making friends, or those from dysfunctional families were not pumped full with serious mind-altering meds. Sure, they were a mess, but we didn’t make the situation worse by giving them drugs.

      Then the HMO’s decided to start looking at drugs as a way to save money. Pretty soon Ritalin was the rage.

      As a group counselor on an adolescent chemical dependency unit in the late 1980’s, insurance companies no longer would pay for treatment unless the kid was medicated as well as attending behavioral therapy. It was sudden and I remember when the word came down to us.

      Guess who started pushing this in the U.S.? The left’s neo-Kraepelians in the 1970’s. Kraepelian, a German psychiatrist of the last 19th early 20th century is the father of pharmacology for psych patients. He was also a socialist. His theories went by the wayside with the advent of Freudian psychology but the Left revived it in 1970’s.

  12. I’ve recently been made aware of the fastest growing sport in US. E-SPORTS. Teams of vid gamers play against one another across the planet filling soccer stadiums in the UK. A quick google of the games and 3 of the top 5 games are what are known as “first person shooter” games. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Virtual head shots no different that what you’d expect to see if the Parkland shooter had been wearing a GoPro. Tell me this is not a desensitization of our kids and I’ll eat a dead frog.