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Romney Announces Senate Run With Contrast to Trump

Well, Mitt Romney is back, he announced Friday that he’s running for Senate, and there’s little chance he won’t win. And he’s setting himself up as the anti-Trump – now, of course, that President Trump failed to offer him the job of Secretary of State, which it seems he would have taken.

From his opening campaign video:

Utah welcomes legal immigrants from around the world. Washington sends immigrants a message of exclusion. And on Utah’s Capitol Hill, people treat one another with respect.

Get it?

So another moderate Republican, aka “Severe Conservative,” comes to Capitol Hill to accommodate Democrats and sacrifice the conservative agenda. He’ll be a member of all kinds of gangs of six and gangs of eight trying to reach deals with Democrats. And he’ll lead the Donald Trump is Horrifying Caucus in Washington.

Well, at least the video nice to watch. It opens with Romney standing a Roller Derby rink – okay, I guess that’s maybe something from the Salt Lake City Olympic he ran – and includes some beautiful shots of Utah. And of course Romney looks nice and casual, as all super-wealthy politicians do, and for the first time in decades finds himself in a diner where he hears the thoughts of average people.

7 thoughts on “Romney Announces Senate Run With Contrast to Trump”

  1. Most of Utah is beautiful country. The Mormons are nice people.
    Romney is a dull person who doesn’t have any answers to our problems or who understands how to win in today’s America.
    When he ran for POTUS, my Mormon neighbors weren’t impressed with him or his agenda.
    Maybe the whole of Utah will jump on his wagon train going across the country heading to DC.
    Good luck there, Mitt.

  2. We the people have already voted against Romney in 2012. The only reason I voted for him was to vote against Obama. Take our advice, Mr Romney
    Don’t run against President Trump in2020. You will lose.

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