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Video || MSM: Democracy is Crumbling!

Do they mean the effort by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign to enlist the Russians in tearing down a presidential candidate?

Do they mean the failure of Hillary Clinton and many Democrats to accept the results of the election?

Do they mean Democratic judges ruling against the clear prerogatives of the president to further their own political agendas?


H/T Washington Free Beacon.

4 Responses to Video || MSM: Democracy is Crumbling!

  1. Speaking of Democrats running amok, I just heard a radio interview with Joseph DiGenova re the whole FBI, FusionGPS, “Russian collusion”, DNC corruption,
    mainstream media cooperation, destroy Trump mess. We’ve all been talking about this for months. It seems, according to DiGenova the DOJ Inspector General has been moving quietly but rapidly to get to the bottom of this corrupt affair, and will be issuing a report in a few weeks. It appears there will be very big names named. Apparently, field agents of the FBI have been telling the real story to the IG and amazing levels of corruption have been revealed. Obama and company will been seen to be right in the middle of this mess. People will be astounded at how evil this whole effort to make Hillary president has been. Not that we didn’t already know Hillary and company are corrupt to the core. I can’t wait for the report. As we’ve all said before, this will turn out to be the biggest scandal in American political history.