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Trump Suggests Classmates Should Have Reported Shooter

President Trump today tweeted a message that sounds a lot like “blaming the victim,” suggesting that the Florida shooter’s classmates should have reported him to “authorities.”

“Neighbors and classmates knew he was a big problem. Must always report such instances to authorities, again and again!” Trump tweeted.

Here’s the tweet, which some reason is linked to another tweet on DACA.

This is one of the problems with Trump tweeting in bed. There’s nobody to advise him and caution him about mistakes, which everyone makes. On the one hand, this is the direct, unvarnished and un-politically correct approach Americans voted for. In this case, though, he has said something hurtful to people who are already suffering.

Trump’s point is to encourage people to report potential threats. And ultimately, his tweet was driven by compassion for victims and anger at what happened. But by doing it in this way, victims of the attack are naturally going to think the president is assigning some blame to them. And he is.

There are benefits to a president who acts according to gut instinct. And there are drawbacks. This is a drawback.

8 Responses to Trump Suggests Classmates Should Have Reported Shooter

  1. Jumping to conclusions on MrTrump’s tweets and actions don’t always pan out.
    He already knew that the FBI was informed of the danger this shooter presented, investigated in some way, then walked away.
    (we all knew the FBI was involved earlier)
    The students did inform the “authorities” and they did nothing.
    It’s an uncomfortable truth that we really don’t have much choice or permission to place someone into some care or counseling because they’re talking crazy. We’re allowed to talk crazy, say dumb things, do dumb things, but it’s not until we actually break the law that the “authorities” can intervene.

  2. Gotta disagree. Trump was fine with his tweet.

    If I’m in some school somewhere I got the message… Don’t get called out by the President… If I see something I better report it.

    Truthful and real…. direct…. all good stuff.

  3. “If you see something, say something” only works if the authorities actually DO something.

    I fear we may get to a point where these ticking time bomb types may get preventative justice from the citizenry…and sooner than we’d like.

    • I say it only works if you say something and then follow up with the government workers (you call them authorities) until they do their jobs.

      I used to serve on a small city government… I had to bitch and bitch and bitch and get people to know that I was going to bring it up next week if XXXXX was not taken care of by then….

      You have to manage the management…sad but true.

  4. “But by doing it in this way, victims of the attack are naturally going to think the president is assigning some blame to them.”

    As well he should.

    If they knew – and it appears they did – they SHOULD have done something about it.

    Now, 17 are dead because they didn’t.

    Just because they’re victims doesn’t mean they get a pass.

  5. Given the lack of positive or effective response I guess this is the end of “See Something, Say Something.” Integrity will now fly out of the class room windows along with the spent shells.