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House Oversight Committee to Investigate Porter White House Tenure

According to the Washington Examiner:

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has launched an investigation into former White House staff secretary Rob Porter’s employment with the Trump administration, committee Chairman Trey Gowdy said Wednesday . . .

Gowdy said he is not only troubled by the fact that Porter had been working with an interim security clearance for his year-long tenure at the White House, but is more concerned the Trump administration employed someone who faced allegations of domestic violence.

“The security clearance is a separate issue. It’s an important issue, but separate,” Gowdy said. “How do you have any job if you have credible allegations of domestic abuse? Again, I am biased towards the victim. I spent two decades believing them. But you don’t have to be biased towards the victim to ask, ‘How in the hell did this happen?'”

I’m not sure what Gen. Kelly was thinking keeping this guy around. But I bet I have a pretty good idea, having watched the White House fot 20 years.

The West Wing is an extraordarily difficult place to work. The time committment is immense, and the issues you are dealing with are incredibly consequential, creating enormous pressure.

Kelly is understaffed, lacking a deputy and probably without too many useful people around him. And then there was Rob Porter, always under control, calmly and methodically getting things done. Nice, polite, probaby took orders well and had good ideas. A sea of tranquil dependability in the contsant Trump storm. Who wanted to deal with getting rid of him? And so, Kelly didn’t face the problem.

That’s is not to excuse it. The FBI completed its work months ago and the allegations of domestic violence are consistent, very credible, and very serious. Not only should a guy like this not have been permitted to work in the White House on purely ethical grounds, but he is obviously subject to blackmail. And who knows what would happen if he had one of his tantrums in the West Wing

And politically, of course, the Democrats get another #MeToo poster to brandish. Kelly has made a bad mistake. Knowing President Trump, how he sours on people, and how he probably already chafes under Kelly’s control, I’d say the chief of staff’s days are numbered.

2 Responses to House Oversight Committee to Investigate Porter White House Tenure

  1. For all we have heard, his crimes happened years ago and he hasn’t been knocking around any women in the White House, right?
    What in the world are they going to investigate – how a man could have a bad temper and violent urges years ago so he can’t hold any job of any consequence?
    There seems to be no end to the crimes of White mankind that can never be forgiven or be controlled by anything other than total humiliation and job termination.
    The MSM/Dems/NeverTrump people will not be satisfied until Donald Trump is alone in the White House looking at the moving van his enemies have parked outside in the driveway.
    A pox on all of them.