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Pence Looking Presidential in White House Videos

Vice President Pence looks a lot like President Pence in these White House videos out of Asia, comforting victims, meeting world leaders, and even reviewing troops.

I don’t remember Vice President Biden ever getting such prominent treatment from White House videographers. Pence also often plays a big role in White stuill photos, sometimes dominating the shots posted on Flickr.

I’m not saying there’s anything nefarious going on, although I’d be surprised if there isn’t a conscious effort by the vice president’s team to promote him. Why wouldn’t they?

And I guess it’s a credit to Trump that he shares the spotlight. White House photographers were obsessively focused on Barack Obama, but there is a far greater diversity of photos and videos produced by the Trump White House.

Then again, Trump is not well-known for sharing the spotlight, so one wonders if he is aware that he is doing it.

7 thoughts on “Pence Looking Presidential in White House Videos”

  1. My money: MrTrump announces, for the sake of the country and his family, he won’t be the candidate in 2020. MrPence steps up.
    I support MrTrump and what he’s trying to do for us, but he has to look out for himself and his family.
    The relentless attacks are brutal. The MSM/Dems have no restraint in their accusations, so much that they claimed his youngest son is mentally challenged, that his wife is a prostitute, and his other children are almost criminals.
    The double standard is sickening to us. MrsObama has a sack race inside the WhiteHouse and it’s ‘charming’, MrsTrump wears high heels as she leaves the WhiteHouse and it’s ‘insensitive and clueless’.
    MrObama ignores his constitutional limits and it’s a ‘good thing’, MrTrump adheres to the constitution and he’s a ‘racist’.

    Personally, I never thought I’d ever see such horrible words and thoughts from the Press and others in the public eye as we do every day.

  2. I have often observed President Trump giving people credit or at least that is my impression.

    Sharing the spotlight with someone whom he respects and who is doing an excellent job doesn’t seem out of character.

  3. Aw, come on, Keith, I know you’re more cynical than that. :p

    If you had been in Zero’s shoes, would YOU have wanted Plugs–and his infamously Roman hands and Russian fingers, to say nothing of his uncontrollable yapper–anywhere near YOUR photo-op? O_O

  4. I believe this is an accurate quote by President Trump..
    “Never ever quit, never”
    At one of Trumps rallies.
    If Trump was a quitter, he would have done that when the media, (BWAHAAAA) predicted HRC had a 90% of winning the presidency.
    Like Trump supporters, he ain’t quitting

  5. I think Mike Pence would make a great president. Hopefully ( I may be being too optimistic here), he would not engender the utter hatred that people are feeling about President Trump.
    The way everyone keeps up the fake distractions with President Trump at the helm, having to fight all that off all the time is taking too much time.

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