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Michelle Obama’s Portrait Looks . . . Like It’s Someone Else

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s National Gallery portrait was unveiled today. Only one problem.

And what an awful painting, technically speaking. And what’s more, it makes a vibrant woman look so drab.

10 Responses to Michelle Obama’s Portrait Looks . . . Like It’s Someone Else

  1. There she is, hovering in space during a foggy day wearing a patched parachute.
    There he is, suspended from the top of an ivy-covered wall, sliding off a chair.
    Right-o. Great art.

  2. Face doesn’t look even remotely like her. The ‘artist’ made her a pinhead; the arms are enormous, and the hand by the chin (the one covering her adam’s apple) is about 1-1/2 times bigger than her head. And the dress looks like a patched quilt. But the artist did one thing right: the portrait is VERY horizontal, kind of like the Mooch’s butt.

  3. Portraits of two ugly people! Who paid for these portraits anyway! The only picture, not a portrait, I care to see is two mug shots behind prison bars where these obnoxious creatures belong! And take the Clintons and the rest of the gang with them!!!