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McConnell Quietly Adds Pork for Kentucky Into the Spending Bill

Wow. It’s good to be the king. Of the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky was reportedly visibly annoyed when his home state colleague, Sen. Rand Paul, rose to start to filibuster the spending feast bill and to cause a brief government shutdown.

Here’s one reason.

The good ‘ole fashion’ politician who runs the Senate had gotten some good ‘ole fashion’ pork barrel work done last night on the Senate floor, slipping into the bill some provisions giving aid and comfort to two colleges in Kentucky.

According to the Washington Post:

One provision would exempt private colleges that do not charge tuition from a new tax on their endowments, an exemption that would protect Berea College . . .

Another provision in the budget agreement, which is set for a vote Thursday, gives the secretary of education greater authority to waive sanctions imposed on colleges and universities whose students consistently default on federal education loans. The measure would apply to public colleges in economically distressed communities, defined as a county that ranks in the lowest 5 percent of all counties in the country based on a national index of economic status.

Based on those narrow parameters, education experts say the provision would most likely benefit Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College, a school skating on the edge of being cut off from federal student aid because of its high student loan default rate.

Now, you would think Rand Paul would want the same thing. But Rand Paul, whatever you might say about him, is a man of strong principles. Principles that oppose this massive spending bill – aka borrowing bill – and that help him get over that institutions, even in his home state, might need to try to make it without government help.

McConnell is part of the problem in Washington. This spending deal, and antics like his college giveaway, are exactly what Americans supposedly voted to change in 2016. This helps you understand why Steve Bannon wanted to get rid of McConnell. Nothing will change with McConnell at the helm. You get typical Washington nonsense like this bill, and even measures that help the Democrats achieve their objectives and assist with their reelection efforts.

What a shame. More of the same, more debt for our children, and more deep state for all.

Republican at this point may have had to vote for the bill to get defense spending we can’t do without. But this mountain of garbage is not what should have been negotiated. Republicans could have done better. And President Trump could have too, given that people put him in office to stop this

5 thoughts on “McConnell Quietly Adds Pork for Kentucky Into the Spending Bill”

  1. Rand Paul is an honorable man. He praises Trump and is a critic both with consistency.

    Rand, keep the pressure on Trump so that he does not let up.

  2. Last year Costa Rica ran out of money. The problem they had was 95% of the budget was mandatory, There was no place to cut. Now they announce they expect a deficit of 7% this year.

    At some point the USA will be backed in a corner such as this. The attitude in DC needs to change with them asking when wanting to spend to ask is this a “want to do thing” or a “have to thing”. Then if it is truly a need then the next question is how is it paid.

    Also, waste should be trimmed. Why spend money on money losing Amtrak. The Post Office wanted to end Saturday deliveries but Congress would not let them. Why? Mostly it is junk money.

    The debt will continue going up. Paying interest on the debt is a have to do deal.

    Individuals need to cut their debts too.

  3. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    Stay the course Rand Paul! Keep exposing McConnell for what he is, a R-I-N-O, old school, political hack.

    A higher education is NOT a right! – It has to be earned with hard work, diligence and sometimes sacrifice depending on one’s personal situation and is freely available to all who want to work hard enough for it. – It is NOT an entitlement!

    There are but a handful of colleges that eschew government funding, as I understand it. Most notably there is Hillsdale College and Grove City College. I’m also told that list includes a few that I’m not familiar with, Patrick Henry College, Christendom College and Pensacola Christian College. Perhaps more.

    Personally, I have long subscribed to Hillsdale College’s E-Mails and wonderful newsletters. I only wish that in my retired situation, I had more money to donate to Hillsdale to help with their wonderful work.

    What Rand Paul can see that McConnell refuses to see is that by rewarding drop-outs and their enablers with yet another
    “Participation Trophy” merely cheapens the accomplishments of those who’s hard work has seen them thru the whole curriculum.

    It reduces the “Quitters” to the same class as the Illegal “Dreamers” (What part of “Illegal” is not understood?), the B-L-M believers (While ignoring Black on Black crime)and the myriad of other “Gimmee-Gimmee” lazies who have no inclination of caring for themselves and depend on “hand-outs” to survive. (Many forget that it’s their own Mom that allows them to live in her basement, that the Government is NOT their mamma).

      1. I DID NOT repeat it!

        The 2nd introduction only, was mine. Evidently, the first is automatic. I’ll try to remember that the next time I post a comment to not rile-up those so picky.

        Meanwhile, I can revel in the fact that it was your loss if you stopped reading after my personal introduction.

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