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Video || Bill Clinton, Obama and Trump Agree?? on Immigration

Seems like President Trump might not be so radical after all . . . This was done a while ago but I just found it, maybe you haven’t seen it either.

It’s especially interesting to listen to Clinton. My, how Democrats have changed. The used to, only a few short years ago, all oppose gay marriage. Now if you do, you’re a homophobe. They used to want to send illegal immigrants home. Now if you do, you’re a racist.

4 thoughts on “Video || Bill Clinton, Obama and Trump Agree?? on Immigration”

  1. Radical? It’s not radical to enforce our existing laws on immigration. It’s not radical to insist that illegal aliens should be deported back to their homelands.
    What is radical might be the thought that laws don’t matter, or we should allow anyone to plop down on our soil if that’s what they want.

  2. If you’re going after niche markets, you have to shift your posture often to attract them. That’s what the Dems have done – made themselves the party of the tiny angry groups.

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