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Dems Permitted to Hold National Security Hostage to Domestic Spending

Republicans finally were able to secure increases in military spending, which were desperately needed after being gutted during the Obama years in favor of spending to get more people on welfare, feed kids fat-free cheeseburgers, and so forth. But they could do so only by paying a hefty ransom to Democrats, who supposedly don’t control Congress but whose support is needed to get the bill through the Senate and who forced massive increases in domestic spending.

According to various reports, the deal increases Defense spending by $80 this year and $85 next year while raising domestic spending by $63 billion this year and $68 billion in 2019. Then there’s tens of billions in disaster aid to address hurricane damage in Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico, $140 billion for emergency defense spending, $6 billion for the opioid crisis and mental health, $5.8 billion for child care and $4 billion for veterans hospitals. Details are sketchy, there may be more spending. Only about $100 billion would be offset.

All told, it’s something like $400 billion in unpaid-for spending over two years. Usually, things are described in terms of ten-year windows, so that’s like a $2-trillion spending increase. Couple that will the $1.5 trillion tax cut – which will only partially “pay for itself” – and you have stunning fiscal irresponsibility in an era when the economy is already growing and the debt totals out at $20 trillion. All for your kids and grandkids to pay off.

And this, of course, is before we attack North Korea or incur new disasters or even a major terrorist attack.

It would be easy for me to say I oppose the deal, and it would sure feel good, but I can’t, because we need the defense spending too badly. North Korea and Iran must be dealt with, the Islamists remain a threat, we’re at a stalemate in Afghanistan, and China and Russia are growing their militaries. We have to defend ourselves.

Americans have chosen to elect too many people who want too much welfare spending. In November, voters may put even more of them in office. Electing President Trump was supposed to be the cry for help against this sort of spending, deficit increase, and relentless expansion of the state. It doesn’t seem like he’s been particularly effective in preventing it.

11 thoughts on “Dems Permitted to Hold National Security Hostage to Domestic Spending”

  1. Since no one in Congress asked our opinion on any of this, we can either be happy or just resigned to more spending and less accountability.
    Print more money is the answer. It’s always been the answer.

  2. Until we put enough republicans in the senate, the democrats will continue to rule government.
    The arcane rules that the senate has adopted are symptomatic of the glacial speed at which the body operates.

    I for one am sick of the never-ending childish tantrums that the democrats pull to get their way.
    But you can’t blame them though, they work.

    The answer to this country’s problems is not to spend more, it is to spend wisely.

    Watch what happens when President Trump goes after the welfare system.

    Oh, there will be turmoil in the streets.
    How dare you take away the money from this individual, just because they won’t work.
    Why, you have blasphemed the very system that makes America great.

    Time to cut off the freebies.
    I just hope that Trump doesn’t fall for their petulant ‘stompy foot’ tactics to get their way again.

    2018 is a crucial election.

  3. Obama damaged us in more ways that we can count. I had a friend say to me that she missed Obama and she was heartfelt. He was the man behind the curtain.

  4. Instead of criticizing President Trump, which he constantly gets plenty of from the left, let us see what our president has in mind for the national debt, which he is well aware of. Trump is a smart businessman, he didn’t get where he is by reckless spending with no accountability. I believe he will eventually have our country back on track and debt free, but right now he’s focusing on the importance of protecting our nation and making sure our military has the resources it needs to do so. Watch and see.

    1. “Debt free?”

      That happened once, for a period of a few weeks in 1835.

      Did you mean to say no deficit? Yeah, I’ve heard that since the Reagan Administration. Good luck.

  5. The reality is what Keith says. My husband and I commented last night to pass the damned bill. We need the military spending plain and simple. There simply aren’t enough votes in the senate. We would love to get our way on everything. We can’t wage war on everything. That’s why we support the current immigration plan of President Trump. We don’t like the pathway for so many but desperately need the other reforms. The games the politicians play are sickening. It is up to the voters to increase the republican members.

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