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Democratic Primaries Begin: Castro Calls for “New Generation of Leadership”

Former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro has demonstrated in the last couple of days that he has all the cliches needed to run for president, saying that he is “going to listen” to average “folks” to take “the temperature” out there on whether he should run, and that Democrats want “a new generation of leadership.

“I believe that in 2020, the American people are going to be looking for a new generation of leadership,” he said in discussing the potential candidacies of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, who he obviously means represent the last generation of leadership – or even the one before it. Castro is 43, a few decades younger than Sanders and Biden.

Sanders and Biden are from the Pepsi Generation.

Actually, they’re a litte older than the Pepsi generation.

Despite all the coyness, Castro tipped his hand, perhaps more than he intended, saying he has “every interest” in running in 2020.

12 Responses to Democratic Primaries Begin: Castro Calls for “New Generation of Leadership”

  1. He looks too exotic. Talks like a robot.
    nah, not going far.
    VP maybe with the “Black, bi-sexual, illegal immigrant woman with special needs children”.
    Dems go for that kind of thing.
    Diversity, y’know.

  2. His mother was a big time promoter and activist of “La Raza” which means race in Spanish. Julian has an identical twin. Once he needed to be at two places at the same time. His solution was to send his brother to one.

    • Not to be uh, racist. Mexicans speak Mexican. I’ve known & worked many lovely Mexican heritage people who took Spanish in HS but it’s truly a foreign language to them.

    • No joke. They have already been talking about Kamal Harris. I think they think if they go with another black or bi-racial person, especially a female, they will win again.
      And of course they are always trotting out Fauxohontas.