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Senior White House Aide Rob Porter Resigns After Ex-Wives Charge Abuse

Rob Porter, a senior White House aide who can often be found at President Trump’s side, resigned Wednesday after his two former wives accused him of abuse.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly had “full confidence and trust” in Porter and that he has been “effective in his role as staff secretary.” Nevertheless, they apparently accepted his resignation anyway.

Porter is also reportedly the boyfriend of White House Communications Director Hope Hicks. She also dated former Trump campaign cheif Corey Lewandowski, who was accused of roughly grabbing then-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields during the campaign.

From the Daily Mail:

Rob Porter has resigned from his role as White House staff secretary after his first ex-wife told that he choked and punched her during their marriage.

Colbie Holderness, 37, who is a senior analyst for the U.S. government, spoke on the record to about her five-year marriage to Porter, detailing physical and mental abuse.

She said he broke down her confidence so badly with his verbal and emotional abuse that she took an extended leave of absence from grad school.

Holderness’s revelations follow’s exclusive interview on Tuesday evening with Porter’s second wife, Jennifer Willoughby.

She told how Porter, 40, once dragged her wet and naked out of the shower and was verbally abusive, calling her a f***ing b***h’ on their honeymoon.

Porter also put out a statement, which Sanders read during the daily briefing:

These outrageous allegations are simply false.  I took the photos given to the media nearly 15 years ago.  And the reality behind them is nowhere close to what is being described.  I’ve been transparent and truthful about these vile claims, but I will not further engage publicly with a coordinated smear campaign.  My commitment to public service speaks for itself.  I’ve always put duty to country first, and treated others with respect.  I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to have served in the Trump administration, and will seek to ensure a smooth transition when I leave the White House.

7 Responses to Senior White House Aide Rob Porter Resigns After Ex-Wives Charge Abuse

  1. Is this revenge, some kind of feminist justice or just plain old mean girls stuff?
    If he did what they claim, there are venues where it would be appropriate to find justice or closure or whatever they want to inflict on someone who injured them, but it is not in the public theater and definitely not after he is situated as an advisor in the White House.
    No one likes an abuser, or a sexual harasser, but these public accusations are unfair and punitive.
    If these women didn’t file criminal charges at the time of the alleged offenses, they don’t have any standing now.

    This “me too”, pointing fingers and claiming abuse is going to far.

  2. Check the bank accounts. Any new influx of funds from Gloria Allred or a George Soros shadow organization? Wouldn’t any allegation of abuse come up in divorce proceedings? Fishy.

  3. Not defending abuse but, “ex-wives?” Wasn’t all this taken care of in the divorce proceedings? Why on earth should it be coming up now?
    I view this as just another way the anti-Trumpers are throwing shit at President Trump to try and destroy his presidency and thus America. Obama didn’t even have it this bad.
    There is even an incredibly stupid article over on RedState this morning about DT’s scalp.
    Obviously the author has way too much time on his hands and not enough intellect to write pap like this.