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Attkisson: Journalists “Uncurious” About Spying on U.S. Citizen

Sharyl Attkisson, who believes that when she was a CBS reporter she was spied on by the U.S. government, finds it incredible that journalists don’t seem to care about the alleged abuse of the FISA system that led the government to spy on Carter Page.

“I’ve never in my lifetime seen open-government groups and journalists so uncurious and begging not to be told about alleged violations of citizens’ rights,” she said.

That’s because everything is all screwed up, see? We had a nice story going, see? It’s about Donald Trump and his collusion with the Russians, and if not, about his efforts to obstruct justice. See what I mean? THAT’S THE STORY DAMMIT BECAUSE TRUMP IS EVIL AND SO THAT’S THE STORY.

But whoa what’s this? The only evidence emerging of collusion with the Russians seems to involve Hillary Clinton. And now it appears that the Obama State Department, the FBI, the Clinton campaign, and even Obama himself may have colluded to dig up dirt on Trump and his campaign.


And please, don’t bring Obama into this. He would never do anything dishonest. He draws a red line against that sort of stuff.

See what I mean?

One Response to Attkisson: Journalists “Uncurious” About Spying on U.S. Citizen

  1. Well, gee whiz, Sheryl, what do you think was going on out here in fly-over country while the Dems/MSM and all the Obama crazies were stamping down on anyone who dared criticize Mr or Mrs Obama or their agenda?
    It’s still happening all over the place where a MAGA hat is grounds for job termination, or a casual remark is a reason for shunning or job demotion by progressive social justice pushers.
    A MAGA hat or a suspected anti-Obama voter is still a reason for some public places to refuse service to a customer, and it’s been this way before MrTrump rode down that escalator.
    The big MSM didn’t care that the IRS was refusing to acknowledge Tea Party or conservative organizations, they were unimpressed with the Bundy persecution by the FBI or whoever ran with the idea that anyone not living on either coast was just fodder for the law mill.
    Perhaps you missed the sad stories on the MSM of how schoolchildren were going hungry because the new food policies promoted by MrsObama – no – oh, there weren’t any.
    NO ONE CARED about us little people, nomore than they cared about you – a anti-Obama racist hater Nazi blah blah blah.

    I know she is concerned about the direction of our Press and who gets to decide what is newsworthy and who must be punished – because that’s what they do.
    I’m sorry about what happened to her and MrRosen and his family, but we’re trying to fix those outrages against citizens.
    We’re doing what we can.