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Video || Melania Visits a Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati

I think one of the few things in life I can’t deal with is a children’s hospital. Seeing sick children just kills me.

On the same day that Melania visited a children’s hospital in Cincinnati, a nasty, mean-spirited piece about her by columnist Petula Dvorak appeared over in the Washington Post, attacking her for not adopting a cause:

She is capable of tackling tough issues, of respecting the responsibility and opportunity she’s been given.

And yet — she hasn’t.

America deserves better . . .

It’s time for Melania Trump to be more than a blank slate on which women project their fears. She owes that to her country.

I didn’t always agree with Michelle Obama’s agenda, but I respect that she took some issues on. And I respect that Melania, who wanted no part of this whole thing and just wants to raise her child right, does what she does. She doesn’t owe the country anything other than to not do it dishonor.

6 Responses to Video || Melania Visits a Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati

  1. Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.

    They can’t stand it, don’t know what to make of her, and MrsTrump is too beautiful to ignore.
    The MSM adoration of MrsObama would be a hard act to follow. She could do no wrong, no matter what, according to them.
    IMO, let the lady be. She wasn’t elected to do anything, and that’s OK with us.

  2. Without regard to the actions of the last 5-10 FLOTUS, if one would think about how the spouse of the US President would conduct themselves — would this not be the way?

    If school lunches were so important at a federal level — the President or Sec of Ed should have driven the issue, for instance — not the FLOTUS.

    Less politics and policy for the FLOTUS (or first gentleman) is more appropriate and giving comfort and such to children at a hospital or other activities seems like a good thing – not only smaller staff — but recognition that it is a singular position of president — not a mom/pop operation.

    Less is more. BTW – she seems to do it graciously and with the spotlight on the people. Graciousness is a quality overlooked in our society.

  3. Mrs. Trump’s signature coat draped over her shoulders is distinctive & self effacing. Her feminine manner & beauty inspire uplift & appreciation from anyone in her company which is true womanhood’s power. To heck with the strident, Christless philanthropists who boast of 80+ years over running Christian charity to prove how good they are, while their master awaits their company in perdition & worse. Hopefully Mrs. T will steer well clear of them.

  4. Whenever I see Melania Trump interacting with children, there is something different than I’ve seen in the past. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it always looks as if she is genuinely enjoying the experience and so are the children. It doesn’t look like someone talking at the children, but rather with them. The children seem drawn to her. I remember seeing a video of children visiting The White House around Christmas time. One of the children exclaimed,”She looks like an angel!” As she travels the world, others seem to want to be in her presence. I’m proud to have Melania Trump as my First Lady.