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Trump’s Lawyers Don’t Want Him to Talk to Mueller

From the New York Times:

Lawyers for President Trump have advised him against sitting down for a wide-ranging interview with the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, according to four people briefed on the matter, raising the specter of a monthslong court battle over whether the president must answer questions under oath.

His lawyers are concerned that the president, who has a history of making false statements and contradicting himself, could be charged with lying to investigators. Their stance puts them at odds with Mr. Trump, who has said publicly and privately that he is eager to speak with Mr. Mueller as part of the investigation into possible ties between his associates and Russia’s election interference, and whether he obstructed justice.

Mr. Trump’s decision about whether to speak to prosecutors, expected in the coming weeks, will shape one of the most consequential moments of the investigation. Refusing to sit for an interview opens the possibility that Mr. Mueller will subpoena the president to testify before a grand jury, setting up a court fight that would drastically escalate the investigation and could be decided by the Supreme Court.

Rejecting an interview with Mr. Mueller also carries political consequences. It would be certain to prompt accusations that the president is hiding something, and a court fight could prolong the special counsel inquiry, casting a shadow over Republicans as November’s midterm elections approach or beyond into the president’s re-election campaign.

But John Dowd, the longtime Washington defense lawyer hired last summer to represent Mr. Trump in the investigation, wants to rebuff an interview request, as do Mr. Dowd’s deputy, Jay Sekulow, and many West Wing advisers, according to the four people.

Trump’s interview with Mueller would be a giant perjury trap, because Trump lies while hardly realizing he’s doing it and can’t keep his stories straight, or doesn’t want to.

Lying to Ken Starr if what got Bill Clinton impeached. Trump would be wise to avoid the session.

7 Responses to Trump’s Lawyers Don’t Want Him to Talk to Mueller

  1. They’re not after any collusion between the Trump organization and the nefarious Russians anymore – that lie went nowhere.
    What they want now – his previous tax returns. It’s driving them crazy because they know, yes they do, there is something in those returns that are damning and it has nothing to do with the past election.

    After the revelations of how sneaky and smarmy the previous administration was when it came to the comings and doings of their “enemies”, we can safely say that more than a IRS agent looked over MrTrump’s tax returns.

    • And after the tax returns, it will be something else.
      I say tell Mueller his job is being BBA’d. Its done.
      No sense in wasting anymore of the taxpayer’s money on this fool’s errand.

  2. I agree with President Trump’s attorneys. Mueller will ask him “Have you stopped beating your wife” type questions. The President has more to lose than gain.

    • Except in rare occasion, never, ever trust the G. Some day I’ll tell you the story how the FBI showed up at my door early in the a.m. and just wanted to talk with me about some corruption in the CPD.
      “Sure, as soon as I contact my attorney, I sez’.”
      Never heard from them again. ATF tried the same shit. Once one mentions seeking counsel, they disappear.
      It was in all the Chicago news/papers years ago.
      Mueller is a deep state rat bastard.

  3. Mueller is on a witch hunt and is in knee deep with the rest of the Criminal Clinton sycophants.
    Just say NO President Trump. You do not have to prove anything.

  4. Here’s the sequence, in roughly reverse chronological order.

    Mueller was hired after James Coney illegally leaked his memos to the press.

    One of the items in those memos, involved Trump asking Coney to back off on Mike Flynn.

    Flynn had recently resigned after a phone conversation he’d had with the Russian ambassador was illegally leaked to the press. (By whom, we still do not know, BTW.)

    Flynn’s conversation was being monitored thanks to the (illegally obtained) FISA warrant, that had started as a roving wiretap on Carter Page, and metastasized into a full-on surveillance of most (all?) of Team Trump.

    And now, we’re finding out that Carter Page may well have been an FBI stooge from the getgo.

    So, yeah, it’s a trap. Mueller has nothing, zip, zero, zilch, bupkiss, nada. If he had anything, it would have leaked by now.

    This is a desperate Hail Mary pass, a naked attempt to get PDJT on a manufactured process charge, since Mueller clearly has no actual crime that he can charge Trump with.