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Trump Writes Little Girl a Letter and Gets Crap for it From the Press

A child, Ava Olsen, witnessed a school shooting and was deeply traumatized by it. She wrote President Trump a letter. She got a signed response:

Schools are places where children learn and grow with their friends. Their halls should be free of fear. It is my goal as President to make sure that children in America grow up in safe environments, giving them the best opportunity to realize their full potential. I will continue to focus on protecting Americans and improving the safety of our Nation.

Mrs. Trump and I hold you close in our hearts,” it continued. “We hope you always remember that no matter what may happen, there are so many people in your life who love you, support you, and want to see you fulfill all your dreams.”

A heartwarming story, right? Well.

The Washington Post, which wrote an article about this, obvioiusly had other ideas in mind.

First, the comparison to the sainted Barack Obama:

Letters from ordinary Americans were central to the daily life of former president Barack Obama, who read 10 of them each night and often sent personal handwritten responses.

Trump’s spokeswoman wouldn’t say how many letters the president reads or whether he contributes to the typed replies that bear his name, but she noted that “the president plays a role in correspondence that have been elevated to his desk,” as Ava’s was.

Now, how do we know Obama read ten letters a day? BECAUSE HIS WHITE HOUSE TOLD US SO, that’s how.

Do you believe that he took that much time out of his day, every day, to do that? I certainly don’t. But of course, Obama wouldn’t lie about such things.

But then the hook for the story. Gun control.

“He didn’t say how he could keep kids safe,” Ava told her mom. So on Jan. 8, she sat down to write another letter.

Ahh. See, even this little second grader has got Trump figured out. He doesn’t want to solve the problem! Meanwhile, the slaughter continues . . . 

Then two weeks later, in Kentucky, police say another teenager at another school fired another gun, killing two students and wounding a dozen others.

At the White House, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that Trump believed all Americans deserved to be safe in their schools and communities.

“Students fearing for their lives while they’re attempting to get an education is unacceptable,” Sanders said, but she offered no specific plans the administration had to stop school shootings.

In South Carolina, Ava heard nothing about the carnage in Kentucky. Her mom didn’t mention the news and kept the TV turned off.

She didn’t want her to daughter to know.

That Trump. Trying to BS a second grader that he wants to stop school shootings when he actually doesn’t care that second graders get killed.

Wait a second. I’m wondering, did the press ever dig up any letters from Obama to a kid saying, “If you like your pediatrician, you can keep your pediatrician”?

15 thoughts on “Trump Writes Little Girl a Letter and Gets Crap for it From the Press”

  1. The disgusting thing about this – she is 8 years old – a child. I have a grandson who just turned 9. These kids don’t need a policy statement about gun control – they need to know they are loved and people care about them. People act like there would never been another act of carnage if just……

    Too many people think kids should be treated like adults and be exposed to adult problems and solutions. Unfortunately kids are exposed to far more than they should be at very young ages. It is our job as adults to comfort them, provide them security and when something horrible happens answer their questions, help them understand the atrocities but keep it simple.

    This rhetoric that the President doesn’t care about so many human tragedies.

    If President Obama did as the article said – good for him. I seem to recall however, that when a human side of George Bush was displayed – it was also met with disdain or he was too emotional, etc. Shame on all of them.

  2. So, little traumatized Ava sees that Prez hasn’t said how he’ll keep kids safe, and she trots off to write him another letter in rebuke.

    What a fine little SJW in the making. She’ll be a Washington Post subscriber.

    Obama read those 10 letters while not smoking any more. Maybe his golf caddy read them aloud to him while he was golfing?

    1. I think so too. Her snowflake SJW mother likely wrote her letters for her. I’d like to know what, exactly, the President or anyone can do to stop random school shootings.

  3. PresTrump calls a grieving parent and the MSM tromps all over him.
    PresTrump replies to a 8 yr old troubled girl and the MSM tromps all over him.
    Why do they do that?
    Because he’s not Hillary and he’s not Obama.
    That’s why.

  4. There was a town hall that Obama did… can’t remember the year, some time in his first term, when they were still letting unvetted people talk. A young black man asked Obama to help him find a job. He said he was in his 20s and had never had a job, even though he wanted to work. Obama gave him some kind of BS answer and we never heard another word about him again. I’ve wondered ever since what happened to him. Unemployment among black teens was running something like 40% back then. Trump’s work to increase black employment is one of the great accomplishments he’s made.

    1. Anyway, my point was that I doubt Obama remembered or helped him at all, otherwise we would have heard aaaaaaaallllll about how “historic” it was.

      The Left’s willingness to manipulate children to try to get their own way borders on evil sometimes.

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  6. And what exactly has WaPoo and the rest of left media done to protect kids?
    All they want to do for them is abort.
    If you aren’t part of the solution, STFU and sit down!!!
    And scribbling hate does not count as “doing something.”

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