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The Nothingburger Defense

I’ve always hated that term. Democrats and their allies in the press are trying to apply it to the Republican Intelligence Committee memo that demonstrated that an absurd piece of Russian propaganda financed by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC, the Steele Dossier, was used to justify U.S. government spying via FISA on a U.S. citizen, Carter Page, and an investigation into the Trump campaign.

Where is the Democratic outrage about a police state we surely would have been hearing about if this had occurred under the Bush administration and its resident Darth Vader, Dick Cheney – or under President Trump? And it’s not a nothingburger, according to Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, a retiring Republican who is one of three GOP House members to have seen the underlying documents that were used in the FISA application. According to Gowdy, the FISA application would not have been approved but for the dossier. According to committee Republicans, the FBI’s then-deputy director testified the same thing in December.

Below is a compilation by the Washington Free Beacon of the nothingburger and other trite expressions of outrage – “McCarthyism!” – by the Democrats and members of the press.

As far as I’m concerned a cheeseburger has cheese on it, a baconbuger has bacon on it, and a nothingburger has nothing on it but IT’S STILL GOT BEEF DAMMIT and as you can tell I’m a man who takes his burgers seriously. I mean, you can tell from this, and if you’ve seen any of the videos of myself I put up.

9 Responses to The Nothingburger Defense

  1. lol. I agree about the burger issue.

    About the Russian agent thing: what exactly did the FBI/DOJ think Page was going to do inside the Trump campaign that made him a national security threat? One guy, on the fringe of the campaign who liked Russia or even was a real Russian spy/agent wasn’t going to fix a national election or convince MrTrump to abandon capitalism, freedom, our constitutional rights, or worst of all – invite the Russian Politburo to sit as Cabinet members.
    What was the threat to national security- has never been explained or defined by anyone.

    The MEMO exposed an illegal attempt to infiltrate the Trump campaign and record all of it’s secrets, but not for national security reasons. The Dems who live and work everywhere in the government were still befuddled as to how MrTrump could even be the Repub contender in November, much less be elected President.
    The most suprising thing, or maybe the curious thing, was to what extent the all powerful FBI/DOJ went to find out what MrTrump was “up to doing” or who was advising him.
    MrTrump is proven right about all his previously described paranoia about being targeted for illegal surveillance.
    Just because he is paranoid, didn’t mean others were after him – so they say.

  2. First the Dems said the memo would reveal sources, methods and endanger national security…and now it’s a nothingburger?? Which one is it?

    They peddled the “national security” lie to the media all week…they’re full of garbage.

    • I heard Comey say, “that’s it?” (After his moaning.) Somewhere…making it seem that this whole release is not the whole & complete information that should be released.
      Yeah Keith, burger love!

  3. If it’s a nothingburger, why did they do everything in their power to prevent it from being released?

    And if it’s a nothingburger, why are they running around with their hair on fire?

  4. And now they’re complaining the Republicans are blocking their memo, which needs to go through the same procedures and approvals – and, ironically, apparently reveals sources and methods!

    I’m sure they’ve already taken to social media to wage their campaign – #ItsOurTurn or some other nonsense.

  5. The corrupt anti-Trump collusion at the upper levels of the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA, the DNC and the Hillary campaign, in conjunction with the corporate media, is being revealed, day by day. They are surely in full panic mode as they realize they have purchase the rope by which they will be hanged in the court of public opinion. Lots more come on this, no doubt. The cleansing has just begun.

  6. We all know that if the same scenario was the Bush DOJ and FBI had done this to the Obama campaign and nothing else (eg, the Infamous text messages) it would have wall-to-wall nonstop media outrage calling for lethal injections. But since it’s Trump, nothing to see here, move along, he deserves it anyway because he’s a racist, sexist, xenophobic homophobe who drinks Diet Coke!

  7. How come noone is questioning why FISA even exists? We are witnessing it’s abuse first hand when it shouldn’t exist in the first place.
    A secret court issuing secret warrants in secret hearings using secret evidence to secret law enforcement officials.
    Does that sound like the United States to you?