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Trump Schedule || Saturday, February 3, 2018

The president is at Mar-a-Lago in West Palm Beach. He has no publicly scheduled events.

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  1. The MEMO, day 2:
    The underlying theme of the use of FISA surveillance was that the Trump people were colluding with Russia to infiltrate an American election to their advantage.
    The proof the FBI, et al, presented to the FISA court was an fake dossier provided by the Dems/Hillary campaign to smear MrTrump by claiming he was the victim of Russian blackmail.
    The plan was executed with precision and with the intent to derail the Trump campaign. Failing to end the Trump march to the White House, the information would then be used to discredit and impair anything he wanted to do after being elected.
    That was the “insurance policy” discussed by FBI agents.
    The plan worked for a while after the election when Repubs refused to work with MrTrump on anything, even to the point of insulting and/or denying him the respect due the POTUS.
    After the special prosecuter failed to find any collusion between MrTrump and Russian agents, but instead charged Trump advisors for procedural offenses, the Repubs realized they had fallen for the Dem/MSM hoax.
    Investigations into the actions of the FBI concerning these events led to the discovery of malfeasance, maybe sedition, by the leaders of the FBI in order to interfere with the election and then the orderly transition of power in DC.
    Not named in The MEMO were the other actors in this appalling event – Obama, Holder, Lynch, or other Dem operatives -maybe Clinton.
    The Dems and the MSM made outrageously deceptive claims of harm that would come to our country if The MEMO was made public.
    Why? There is more to come.

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