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Trump Allows Release of Entire memo

President Trump today allowed the release of the entire Republican memo alleging that the federal investigators used an unverified dossier of information to launch a probe into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

Trump requested no redactions. Here is the memo to read in its entirety. It says that former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified to the House Intelligence Committee that a surveillance warrant targeting Trump advisor Carter Page would not have been issued were it not for a discredited dossier paid for by the Democrats as part of their opposition research.

10 thoughts on “Trump Allows Release of Entire memo”

    1. I am getting some “crumbs” in my paycheck next week. Happy to have them.
      Too bad Nancy and her cohorts are so monumentally out of touch with Americans.

  1. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Looks like some mighty shady goings on by the taxpayer funded FBI on behalf of The Criminal Hilary Clinton and her henchmen the DNC.
    If you can’t trust the law, who can you trust?What shall be done about this America?

  2. From the beginning of all this, the thought that the FBI/DOJ would have to go to the FISA court to find out what MrTrump was doing or talking to seemed over the top weird. They didn’t ask for wiretaps on the Russians, but rather on Americans.
    It wasn’t as if MrTrump or any of his supporters or inner circle were going around in trench coats and fedoras to meet in underground garages, no – they were out there, easy to access, the press was with him 24/7, and no one could do or go anywhere unnoticed.
    The mere charge “colluding with Russian agents” was ridiculous and out in left field, as was the rigging of elections across thousands of polling places in the US.

    It is apparent that the wiretaps were purely for political gain, spying on the opposition, learning who was donating or who was going to support MrTrump in the future. By spinning the data learned along with the Steele dossier, the FBI was able to dirty the waters and skim over the legal necessity.

    How could they? The union would not collapse if MrTrump won the election, he’s only going to win for 4 years (at a time), so it’s not forever and ever.

    We’re out here wondering just how horrible our lives would be if MrsClinton was elected – what did they have in store for all of us?
    Gun confiscation, shutting down conservative MSM or websites, forcing more social justice memes on all of us, what?
    The FBI and the DOJ need to be reshuffled, cleaned out and restructured. Let the heads roll, fine those who broke our laws, and let’s start over – the right way.

    1. Little Jeffy Sessions should have cleaned out the highest levels of DOJ & FBI during his week. He should have known who the Obama appointees were and should have really looked into their ‘backgrounds’and all the questionably “legal” things they (politically appointed-connected senior execs) ordered the DOJ/FBI to do under the Obama regime.

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