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Trump Charges FBI, DOJ Politicized Investigations as Memo Set to Come Out

President Trump Friday took to Twitter to castigate the FBI and Department of Justice leadership for allowing political bias to mar their investigations, suggesting with a retweet that he agreed with a conclusion that the Obama administration had spied on the “Trump team.”

Trump made the allegations as he prepared to permit the release, possibly Friday, of a Republican memo that will show the probe into ties between Russia and the Trump campaign was instigated by a discredited dossier ordered up by the Democrats.

Trump reportedly received aggressive pushback from officials at the Department of Justice and the FBI, who argued the memo was not completely accurate and that its release could harm national security. But Trump has been determined to release it, and he was supported by his chief of staff, John Kelly, who argued that while the memo was not quite the bombshell advertised, it would jeopardize national security.

One Response to Trump Charges FBI, DOJ Politicized Investigations as Memo Set to Come Out

  1. He’s right, and everyone knows he is.
    The IRS squeezing Tea Party/conservative groups, the DOJ sues Arizona for trying to enforce immigration laws, the DEA installing rules that defied common sense, the social justice marches that turned into riots, the freeing of known radical terrorists back to fight us again, and on and on.
    Heck, even MrsObama got into it by politicizing public school lunches to suit herself without regard for children (or their parents) wishes or best interest.