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Poll: Trump’s State of the Union Speech Gets High Marks

According to Politico:

President Donald Trump earned high marks for his first State of the Union address, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll of Americans who watched the speech earlier this week.

A combined 62 percent of speech-watchers called Trump’s performance “excellent” or “good,” with 17 percent saying Trump did only a fair job, and another 20 percent calling the speech “poor.”

The sample consists of Americans aged 18 or older who said they watched the speech, either live or after it happened.

One reason Trump’s numbers were so strong: The party-ID breakdown of the sample of speech-watchers was significantly more Republican than the overall electorate — 43 percent of poll respondents said they are Republicans, 29 percent are Democrats and 28 percent are independents.

That so many people thought it was a great speech, which it was, is bad news for the Democrats, who grumpily sat on their hands. During the biggest political show of the year, they presented themselves as angry partisans and will suffer for it politically.

3 Responses to Poll: Trump’s State of the Union Speech Gets High Marks

  1. There has to be more than a few Dems who are wondering why they didn’t fix the tax code, rewrite the immigration laws, and dump regulations that hurt businesses when they had everything in their corner. Obamacare was and is a disaster that cost them dearly.

    Oh well, it’s hard to watch your opponent take a victory lap, no matter what venue.
    Go Trump. MAGA one day at a time.

  2. Trump is more than an administrator- he is a strong leader who is mostly his own person. It is hoped he will recognize & resist manipulation & attempts on his life throughout his tenure & remain true his word, family, & nation.

  3. We in Canada are live under such an immoral dictator…..he thinks your previous President was the best because they are two peas in a pod. I did a gig when President Trump won. Alone in my living room I was dancing. So rejoice neighbors. DJT just gets better everyday.