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CNN Admits Trump Tax Cut Helped the Economy

Well this is a nice turn of events.

First of all, the economy. Employers added 200,000 jobs last month, a strong number. But even better news was the rise in incomes, which has mostly stagnated under President Obama. And even more surprising news: CNN thinks Trump is partially responsible for it.

According to CNN’s Alison Kosik:

Wage growth jumped from 2.5 percent to 2.9 percent, that’s a huge jump, and you can attribute that for a couple of reasons. For one: The tax plan

Maybe, to take the name of the show this was broadcast on, it’s a “new day” at CNN.

Nah, probably not.

6 thoughts on “CNN Admits Trump Tax Cut Helped the Economy”

  1. Before the SOTU speech they interviewed Sen. Schumer. They were talking about the robust economy/stock market. Schumer made the comment two words you won’t hear in the SOTU speech is President Trump saying “Thanks Obama”. That does not sell with me.

    There was one report I saw that reported the Democrats want to repeal & replace the GOP tax cuts. I am scratching my head over that one. They look more ridiculous the more they talk.

  2. Yes, what we are witnessing is a revival of the American economy on all fronts–millions of jobs added, lower taxes, companies moving operations back to the US, record low unemployment. This amazing development will continue to amplify its impact throughout the United States and all of us will benefit. All the ingredients and strategies to improve the economy were well known and established, but the Obama radical nut jobs refused to implement them in their desire to bring America to its knees. They damned near succeeded, and would have succeeded had Hillary been elected. We are now on a different path.

  3. Obama’s economic plan worked extremely well for Obama, his financial future is flourishing. Hopefully his future Government housing may be headed downward to a gray-bar hotel.

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