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Video || Mika Brzezinski Throws Michael Wolff Off Morning Joe

MSNBC Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski is suddenly all offended by “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff, going after him and then throwing him off her show for insinuating in his discredited book that UN Ambassador Nikki Haley was having an affair with President Trump.

Michael Wolff doesn’t look too good. But neither does Brzezinski.

First of all, I can’t help myself, I’ve got to note she accused Wolff of “inferring” something about Nikki Haley. I’m pretty sure she meant to say he was “implying” something, but she may not know the difference.

Anyway, she’s attacking Wolff now after long, fawning interviews in which she and Joe Scarborough did much to give Wolff publicity and line his pockets with money, as in the video below, where you’ll note at the 3:00 mark Brzezinski seemingly casually holds the book up for people to see.

Wolff, after making lots of money of Brzezinski, now decided he doesn’t like her anymore and struck back on Twitter.

He’s probably right that he was ambushed. Just like he ambushed President Trump all the people he falsely quoted and described in his book.

Okay, let’s lighten the mood a little bit.

2 Responses to Video || Mika Brzezinski Throws Michael Wolff Off Morning Joe

  1. Let’s see: Russia/Russia is a no go. Saying some bad words didn’t do it.
    Racist/racist -eh.
    Charging too much to stay at a Trump venue- no one cares. Maybe/shady dealings didn’t matter.
    Eating junk food? How about a steamy stormy affair with a PORN STAR- whoo hoo.
    hmmph. OK, an affair with a WhiteHouse staffer, sigh.
    A sneaky, clandestine affair with the UN Ambassador! That’s it!
    So, here we have a 70+yr old guy, a little chubby, having romping, extracurricular sexual flings with multiple women while married to one of the most beautiful woman to ever grace DC – and the Dems think that people are going to believe all that?
    Heck, most men are going to be jealous, older guys are impressed, and women already know what kind of guy MrTrump was and is.
    It seems that a major problem is MrTrump’s previous background as a entertainer and/or a promoter of various kinds of entertainment.
    The MSM just can’t get past that background and treat him as another celebrity whose affairs are juicy fodder.
    He’s the man in charge of our national security, the man who must deal with other nations that may or may not be friendly.
    Every slimy smear or innuendo hurts us, our future, our safety if MrTrump is seen by his fellow countrymen as a buffoon or a gossip lovers tidbit.
    Grow up. Get serious. Quit looking for slime, quit calling names, just stop it.

  2. Morning Joe and his Glassy Eyed Ho. She (Mika) tries to come off as some wholesome woman yet she left her kids with a nanny (probably illegal) while she bedded down with her co-worker. Give me a break with the pearl clutching. She’s a skank.