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Trump: Immigration Will Help GOP at the Ballot Box, Not Dems

From President Trump’s remarks to Republicans at their winter retreat at The Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia:

The Republican position on immigration is the center, mainstream view of the American people, with some extra strength at the border and security at the border added in. What we’re asking for and what the American people are pleading for is sanity and common sense in our immigration system. We want immigration rules that protect our communities, defend our security, and admit people who will love our country and contribute to our society . . .

If the Democrats choose to filibuster a framework that includes a generous path to citizenship or something that is not fair, we are not going to approve it. We’re just not going to approve it.

So we’ll either have something that’s fair and equitable and good and secure, or we’re going to have nothing at all. And this has been going on for many years. It doesn’t make sense, however, to have nothing at all, because this is something that people want.

So we will be demonstrating that we are very, very serious. One of the reasons I gave a number that was, I thought, a very generous number was because I wanted to see whether or not they were interested in approving that. Because if they don’t approve something within that sphere, that means, very simply, that they’re not looking to approve it at all. They want to use it for an election issue, but it’s now an election issue that will go to our benefit, not their benefit.

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5 Responses to Trump: Immigration Will Help GOP at the Ballot Box, Not Dems

  1. Maybe.
    The Dems think legal immigration is what Hispanics worry about or want, but both Dems and Repubs overlook the deep conservative roots that most Mexicans and others hold dear.
    They are not pro-choice, their religion is important to them, family togetherness is everything, and to most Hispanic men, a job is what gives them the most pride. They might accept handouts from the government, but it’s the job, the honor and pride of taking care of the family that’s most important.
    If the DC elite ever left their gated communities and came down here into the everyday life, they’d see that children are always welcomed – married or not, that Nana goes everywhere with the whole family and lives with them, that going to Mass is not something like a photo op the elites think, but a basic grounding for the pious. There aren’t too many Hispanic homes that don’t have a crucifix symbol or a painting of Jesus Christ hanging in the living room.

    So, yes, maybe the Repubs can capture the Hispanic vote, but they have to consider who they really are, not what they think they are.

    • srdem65, You described Texans of Mexican heritage who have lived in Texas for 5-6-7 generations perfectly. It is the new arrivals (what we use to call {Wetbacks} the ones wanting to transfer their life style in Mexico to the US. Talk to any in the Rio Grande Valley and they will tell you they are not happy withe new arrivals.

  2. Other thing worth noting: I read somewhere that the “path” being proposed is between ten and twelve years.

    Even more, it’s one strike and you’re out: any run-in with the law, even if it’s just a speeding ticket, and it’s hasta la vista, baby.

    PDJT is apparently betting that living like monks for a decade will make Republicans out of the newcomers. Time will tell.