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Video || Trump Says He’s “100 Percent” Behind Releasing the Memo

Here is the moment President Trump was caught on mike promising a member of Congress that he would release the Republican memo on abuses by the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Let’s see if he follows through. Apparently, for some reason, there is debate within the White House about doing this.

2 thoughts on “Video || Trump Says He’s “100 Percent” Behind Releasing the Memo”

  1. MrTrump: My oh my, lookie what I got here. Somebody’s been ba-ad, really ba-ad. Whatever shall I do about this, hmmm. Let me hold on to this and think about it.
    Is this the “insurance policy” that the two FBI plotters were talking about? Maybe they should have looked at who the beneficiary would be if it became public.

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