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Tuesday Night, the Democrats Shot Themselves in the Foot

By choosing to sit on their hands and moodily harrumph for President Trump’s entire State of the Union speech, Democrats cast themselves with the American people as obstructionists and forces of negativity, exactly the kinds of labels they have successfully foisted on Republicans and Trump in the past.

Trump’s speech was filled with calls for unity and appeals to patriotism. Democrats’ sullen rejection of his rhetorical outreach will play badly with Americans, I believe.

What’s more, the boycott of the address by Congressional Black Caucus members, the appearance of many lawmakers dressed in #MeToo black, the delivery of a multitude of SOTU responses, and the hostility toward the compromise on immigration Trump has offered will cast Democrats with average Americans as the identity politics party they are. This will hurt them with working-class voters they need in the swing states and swing districts that they must win in order to pick up seats in 2018 and defeat Trump in 2020.

Trump certainly did his part by superbly delivering a well-written speech. The excellent use of guests in the first lady’s box shows a well-organized White House able to put on a good show. But even worse for Democrats than Trump’s success was their own failure, which amounted to nothing less than showing the American people who they really are.

Trump should try to act normal for a few days and let the Democrats spout all their left-wing rhetoric and dig themselves a deeper hole. If patriotism still counts – and I believe it does, especially among a critical group of voters – then Trump scored a win last night that could alter the trajectory of U.S. politics in his favor.

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Night, the Democrats Shot Themselves in the Foot”

  1. Sadly…. the democrats cannot acknowledge and take appropriate action on this issue…

    They hate Trump more than they love this country.

    This will continue to do them in…. as Trump made them look stupid, etc… How do you not cheer when the historic unemployment numbers were shared?

    7 more years of Trump would do my heart good.

  2. If the Republicans can’t cut together some great Mid-term ads from the visual fiasco Nancy&Co. handed them last night, they deserve to lose in November.

  3. What we saw last night is some of what we saw during the campaign. It’s the “we can do this, we should do this, and we will do it together” kind of thing.
    When he spotlighted individuals for their heroism or what they have suffered it wasn’t theatre – it was the reinforcement of what most of us believe as our “values”.
    If the Dems don’t want to stand for our nat’l anthem, we won’t make them do it, but we won’t like it. If they insist that anyone or everyone should be allowed to invade our country, we will do our best to winnow out the bad dudes to make sure all of us are safe from harm.
    We can fight tyranny, one by one, or we can achieve great things with our own ambition and hard work.
    It’s the “we”, the individual, the community, the whole that is important, not the government, not the anonymous flunkie writing regulations that will make us great.
    The Dems are angry and afraid of the people who don’t like them or their agenda.
    The Kennedy and Sanders sotu claims that only more government can cure what they claim are unjust and not fair things. They rail against the successful and the rich even though they, themselves are the White privileged rich who do nothing for others themselves.
    Dems-Hypocrites. Sour faced sore losers who fear a empowered people who only want the government to keep them safe and allow them to live their lives peacefully.

  4. Oh, they shot themselves in BOTH feet, and now they’re aiming for–how to put this delicately–the front of their own trousers.

    I mean, really…Joe Kennedy in front of a wrecked car? What the flying Framingham were they thinking? I mean, sure, they could have included a fishbowl if they’d REALLY wanted to go full retard, but man…!

  5. The Democrats put themselves on full display as to what they are all about. It isn’t enough for them to have lost the Congress, the Presidency, most state governorships and state legislatures by their past behavior. Indeed, they continue to show, publicly, before a national audience, that they have completely lost the plot, have absolutely no intention of working with Republicans and the President to do the right things for America. It was just amazing to watch them behave like the patients in the movie “One Flew Over The Cuckoo Clock.

  6. I missed Maxine on BET. Did she do her speech in Ebonics? And what were the overnight ratings for BET? My bet is that they’re the best for that network this year. Or maybe even ever…

  7. Bunch of thumb sucking, diaper wetting, unmannerly, immature morons.
    A perfect definition of what my mother used to call “showing your ass.”
    I hope they get stomped so bad in Nov that they cannot scrape themselves up off the floor.

    1. This is how I saw the obnoxious behavior of the Democrats last night. When I was in high school, I was a troublemaker who got sent to week long detention three or four times a year (fighting, sassing teachers, etc.) We had a very strict principal and there were always 6-12 kids in detention–angry, embarrassed, sullen, ticked off at the world and I remember observing that here I was with the worst losers in high school.

      So when I watched the Democrats last night, it looked like they had been placed in high school detention just like those I observed for acting out and acting stupid. Just like those way back days in high school. I recognized their expressions and behavior and how they looked. Just like we were when we were in detention. ;+}.

    2. Reminds me of how 64% of voters didn’t show up in 2014, the Dems. had their asses handed to them all over the country, and they whined about it. No recognition of fault on their part; ever.

  8. “Trump should try to act normal for a few days ….” This is a distastefully patronizing, Keith. I thought better of you. Just because the President doesn’t have your style doesn’t mean that his behavior is abnormal — only by your narrow standards.

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