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Sanders to Reporters: Let’s Discuss Something Americans Care About

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Monday batted away Russia investigation questions by making the point that she has answered the same queries many times, even if asked different ways, and that average people don’t care about the issue.

Here are a couple of exchanges from Monday’s briefing.

The polls bear her out. Relative to other issues, nobody cares about what Mueller or the various committees on Capitol Hill are up to with their investigations.

According to a December 2017 AP poll, just 38 percent of Americans think “the Russia investigation” was very or extremely important. Meantime, 85 percent said the same about health care, 83 percent gave that rating to the economy, and 78 percent felt that way about taxes.

I’m not saying questions should not be asked. There is an investigation going on, it’s news, and if the Democrats take over the House, it will lead to impeachment. But the obsession and the joy of it among journalists, most of whom are Democrats and nearly all of whom hate the president, is clear.

There’s too much focus on it because it’s the thing we talk about in Washington. The rest of America has other concerns.

3 thoughts on “Sanders to Reporters: Let’s Discuss Something Americans Care About”

  1. MsSanders is right and wrong that we don’t care: We don’t care about a ridiculous charge that voters were swayed by some nefarious and dubious actions by a few Russian hackers or bots, and yes, we do care that this has gone on for too long, and has not been a good thing.
    About the impeachment by a Dem majority: not going to happen…bot with a new Dem majority in Congress, they will not forget their next hope is a Dem President who could be the next impeachment victim if the Repubs retake the House.

    1. They are awaiting their orders from Satan about what next to accuse Trump of doing. Takes time for the message to get from hell to the Democrats and corporate media. FedEx has only once a week delivery from hell to Washington these days, and Satan’s WiFi is not working right. ;+}

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