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Live Stream || Trump State of the Union Address – January 30, 2018

Coverage scheduled to begin at 9:00 pm ET. The speech is scheduled for 9:10 pm.

Feel free to comment in real time as the speech unfolds!

17 thoughts on “Live Stream || Trump State of the Union Address – January 30, 2018”

  1. Looking forward to the speech tonight. Thanks.
    About MrTrump:
    I believe in his dedication to his job, believed he meant it all during the campaign, but now he’s almost at hero stature in my eyes. He’s faced the worst of the hatred, the lies, the slime and mud for most of his time in office, but comes out smiling, winning, and not cowed or afraid.
    There can’t be anyone in today’s politics who could endure such an onslaught from every direction, even from those of his own party.

    1. So true. Like you, I am so tired of all of the s’storm, etc. regarding our President. He wants what I want – MAGA. My hero as well.
      Nursejoan in Phoenix.

  2. MrsTrump, wearing a winter-white pantsuit, just flashed a brilliant smile and waved.
    She is beautiful and elegant.
    The President enters and I’m so proud to be an American.

  3. A nice reminder of all the advances for us taxpayers and corporations.
    How the Dems must hate all this good news they never had during the Obama years.

  4. He just makes so much sense in many issues, building shouldn’t be such a time-consuming, regulated mess.
    This is good so far. He is so positive.
    I see Bernie applauding!

  5. Oh, he’s stealing a lot of Dem talking points now.
    Prison reform, better job training, better jobs, fair trade, immigration help ..geez.
    How are they going to dispute all this?

  6. Pelosi sat stone faced the whole time. To his credit Sen. Schumer applauded one time that I know of. Sen. McConnell was beaming when President Trump mentioned the tax cuts/reforms.

  7. Gutierrez walked out during a “USA!” chant, the CBC sat on its collective ass when Trump touted historically low black unemployment, Nancy Pelosi looked like her dentures were the wrong size, and, oh yeah, the Democrats booed the surviving parents of two school-age MS-13 murder victims.

    Do they want more Trump? Because that is how you get A LOT more Trump.

  8. About the Dem response to the SOTU:
    Kennedy? A young, privileged, so White his hair is reddish blonde, IvyLeaguer who has never held a job or run a business claiming America is a dark, miserable, and deplorable country was a stark reminder of the hypocritical agenda of the Dems.
    Some in the MSM claim that MrsTrump wore a winter-white outfit to make a statement or something – good grief. The Dems and their JrHighSchool bonding with certain colored clothing is ridiculous and silly.
    No one commented on MrTrump’s daughter wearing a dress cut from the leftover fabric of a ’50s pickup truck’s front seat cover, but..
    It was a grand , uplifting and encouraging SOTU speech.
    The Dems be damned.

    1. The amazing thing is that the Democrats were so happy and willing to publicly display their arrogance, their anti-American, spoiled brat, dysfunctional behavior in front of the entire world. They really have missed the train and are being left standing on the station platform wondering what happened. The addled and constantly confused Pelosi’s childish antics, whispering, silly facial expressions and body language throughout Trump’s speech was emblematic at the current state of the Democrat party. They are digging their own grave as a political party.

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