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Democrats: “Chain Migration” a Racist Slur

It’s clear now that you can no longer have a conversation about limiting immigration in any way without being called a racist.

Here, for example, is Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson with his take Tuesday on President Trump’s compromise immigration proposal:

The only coherent — if despicable — arguments for Trump’s plan are racial and cultural. The way they used to put it in the Jim Crow days was succinct: White is right.

It’s an effective, and abhorrent, strategy being used by the left, including some very prominent people.

Remember our Alinksy Rules for Radicals, numbers 11 and 13: “If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside” and “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Unfortunately, the rules for radicals long ago became rules for mainstream Democrats. Now “chain migration,” a term used for years to describe immigrants bringing family members into the United States, is racist. Presumably because Democrats think it doesn’t tug at the heartstrings strongly enough — much better something like “loving family invitations” — and therefore the phrase must be eliminated.

Here’s New York Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a potential presidential candidate, absurdly lodging the racism charge.

In the video below, Washington Post reporter David Nakaruma, puts the charge more subtly, saying the term has been “co-opted” by immigration opponents to generate “a bad feeling among ordinary Americans who are hearing these terms.”

Nakaruma says:

I think chain migration is another word that’s been weaponized by critics, mostly on the right of the debate, to sort of generate ill will toward immigrants, even those who are coming legally.

And here is a sampling of Democrats using the term, over and over again:

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

6 thoughts on “Democrats: “Chain Migration” a Racist Slur”

  1. Keith,

    Set all your devices to think that you live in Birmingham, Alabama or Green Bay, Wisconsin or some other spot… make FaceBook friends with people there….create a profile where you are a manager at some local manufacturer….get the newsfeed that comes….

    The only time you will see anything Russian is if there is a special on Russian salad dressing in the Piggly Wiggly online advertisements (if they actually do online).

    Crimson Tide and Green Bay Packers (or at least Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick romance)… are much hire on the list of things to care about.

    Democrats can’t get to 270 or get enough House seats with this crap.

  2. Frankly, most of us not involved in immigration matters or anything associated with them, had any idea of what “chain immigration” was or what it meant.
    While it sounds compassionate to allow a new immigrant to bring the rest of his immediate family to live the good life in the US, it seems to have been another way to game the system and bring anyone or everyone here legally.
    Congress should do us all a favor and address the “anchor baby” statute (if there is one) and resolve that great scam that all foreigners seem to think is a good idea.
    As for the charge of another “racist” term – oh, give it up. We already know everything not liberal or progressive is “racist” or some other nasty thing.

  3. Re: Chain Migration

    We have a handyman here who is married to a local girl who was born in Chicago. As a child she had a US Passport. She grew up here and does not speak English.
    As a favor to the handyman we helped her get a current up to date passport. She is a Panamanian who happens to have a US passport but in no way a real US citizen. They have a six year old boy. They want him to have an American passport. They are required to have an interview with the Embassy.

    Since the boy grew up here, does not speak English, and knows nothing about American history he should be denied a passport. At the interview the Embassy should provide them with information on how to apply for citizenship.. The boy should earn citizenship like others who did it legally.

    I think in this case they do not want to move to the US. They want an insurance policy in case another dictator comes along in 15-20 years. They have the option to escape to the US.

    The US makes it too easy for all the people from dysfunctional countries to enter. They should stay in their countries to fix their situation. It upsets me to see the Mexicans come to the US and protest wanting their “rights”. Did they ever protest and demand their rights while they lived in Mexico?

    PS I was a racist when Obama was in office at least to the liberals I knew.

  4. Sorry, Democrats, your race card was declined due to insufficient intellectual capital.

    Now, either pay cash–i.e., make an actual argument for the policy merits, if any such merits exist–or else STFDASTFU.

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