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“Fire and Fury” Reading Ruined the Grammys for Nikki Haley!

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley called out the Grammys via Twitter, saying they should keep politics out of the awards.

We are, of course, all sorry that Nikki Haley’s Grammy experience was ruined. But this, unfortunately, begs a couple of questions.

First of all, I don’t know about Nikki Haley, but I haven’t “always loved the Grammys,” have you? I do try to listen to new music, but very little of it seems to be worth the time, which is too bad, because I’m sick of hearing the old songs over and over again. It didn’t occur to me to watch the Grammys, and I do love music.

Secondly, I take a little issue with the statement, “Some of us love music without the politics thrown in.” Actually, music has long been a conduit for political statements. Unfortunately, most of it is liberal, but I respect it. And musicians have been an important force against tyranny in countries where actual tyranny exists, not made-up Trump tyranny.

I do agree with her, though, in the sense that many of the current batch of musicians seem to be vile and barely literate, let alone capable of thoughtful political statements. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to take political instruction from Katy Perry.

There hasn’t always been such a lack of sophistication among musicians, fortunately.

13 thoughts on ““Fire and Fury” Reading Ruined the Grammys for Nikki Haley!”

  1. How pathetic is Hillary, turning up at this “celebrity” love-in to read salacious rumours about the duly elected President? She is utterly shameless and an absolute disgrace.

  2. The point of the Grammys is to honor certain singers or songs or writers of songs, not to use it as a platform to ridicule or embarrass the POTUS.
    It’s starting to look like the peer pressure to continue the anti-Trump hatred is ramping up everywhere. Maybe it’s starting to look like some are tired of the constant tirades or maybe some are hearing from former supporters that they’re not happy about the way things are going. Call it the “NFL effect”.

  3. I’ll watch the Grammys once VNV Nation gets nominated, and not a day sooner. The Greek calends will arrive before that does, I suspect.

    But do you want to know where the “good” music, sans politics, went to? The dance floor. Acts like ATB, Conjure One, Blue Stone, Balligomingo, and VNV Nation have to be inventive sonically, not just melodically and lyrically: in electronica, if you sound the same every album, you’re not cutting it.

  4. They should keep it up. Double- and triple-down on turning everything into a left-wing political event.


    Regular, normal people will find other things to do. And most likely vote for Trump in 2020.

  5. I haven’t watched the Grammy ‘ s for years now. How I do long for the days when the music was the main attraction and a few ppl dressed like whores. Now they all do is try and out do each ither, with no music. Sad.

  6. We turned it on when the the special song Praying was on and neither my wife or I could understand the words… Wonder if Hillary could have been involved in that act..

  7. It would seem likely that the parents & grandparents of the Hate Trump Vocalists were in awe of the uncritically publicized celebrity protesters of the Vietnam War.

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