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Video || Trump Calls Report He Sought to Fire Mueller “Fake News”

The New York Times reported late Thursday that President Trump tried to fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller but back down only when top White House lawyer, Donald F. McGahn II, said he would resign rather than carry out the order.

In Davos, Switzerland Friday, Trump appeared to deny the report, calling it “fake news.” But the story has been confirmed by several other news outlets.

7 thoughts on “Video || Trump Calls Report He Sought to Fire Mueller “Fake News””

  1. I agree – what difference does it make – it didn’t happen. We all threaten to do things when we are upset or offended by something – we think it through and/or a mentor or friend or family provides unbiased input and we calm down and move forward.

    More importantly – although this is apparently an older story – hopefully the “leaker” of this story is no longer around. That is the really shameful thing about all this. If someone leaked everything we said in frustration or anger, nothing would get done.

  2. Well, it’s settled then, must be true if other news organizations printed or aired the same story. What? How does that make it real?

    So what if he did say that, he DIDN’T DO THAT.
    Maybe he was angry, frustrated, or it didn’t happen at all.
    Name your sources, MSM.
    Name them, shame them, or shame yourselves.

  3. In addition – why would he need to admit he considered it – Mueller wasn’t fired. This is not news and that’s why it’s fake.

    I used to get upset with my kids when they were little. Out of frustration I would threaten withholding a treat or a special occasion. I think more times than not, they ended up being idle threats. These people really do need a life.

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