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Trump to Push Some Food Stamp Recipients to Work

What? Work for the right to take other peoples’ – taxpayers’ – money?

This is going to be a new concept for a lot of people who started receiving food stamps during the Obama administration, whcih actively sought to sign as many people up as possible for dependancy on the government.

According to Bloomberg:

A Trump administration outline for farm legislation calls for pushing some food-stamp recipients back to work, a Republican priority that Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says is necessary to discourage a “lifestyle” of government dependence.

“It’s evident that there are able-bodied adults without dependents who are on the food stamp program, who we believe it is in their best interests, and their families’ best interests, to move into an independent lifestyle,” Perdue told reporters Wednesday at an event on a farm outside Mifflintown, Pennsylvania. “During the last downturn, it became a lifestyle for some people. We don’t want it to become permanent.”

A four-page document released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Wednesday called for supporting “work as the pathway to self-sufficiency, well-being and economic mobility for individuals and families” on food stamps as part of farm legislation.

The administration didn’t specify in the statement how it would change the law or whether it wants to cut funds for the program. Perdue said Wednesday that tightened work requirements that push able-bodied adults into jobs or job-training programs could be one way to save money on a new agriculture law.

6 thoughts on “Trump to Push Some Food Stamp Recipients to Work”

  1. Work to eat. Train for what job.
    There are millions of employed workers who qualify for the SNAP program already because of their low wages, or their part-time status.
    Millions of other recipients of ‘food stamps’ don’t speak English, millions more are unable to work because of their illegal drug use or the misuse of alcohol. A large group of people claim to have a mental disease that prevents them from holding a job. Millions have gamed the SSI program with phony medical issues and also receive ‘food stamp’ benefits.
    Millions of Americans receive ‘food stamps’ to feed their families, and yet school districts find it necessary to feed school children three times a day.
    Congress made a mess of welfare across the board and there’s no easy fix.
    Telling unemployable citizens to “get a job, or else” isn’t going to make things better.

    1. Does anyone support ‘food stamps’ for drug addicts? These ‘food stamps’ they are sold for $0.50 of the $1.00 and the cash is used to buy…more drugs! Weening “able-bodied adults with no dependents” off ‘food stamps’ sounds not only like something that should be done but should have been done.

  2. “Telling unemployable citizens to “get a job, or else” isn’t going to make things better.”

    I agree, however, there are millions of employable citizens out there that don’t even look for a job or for that matter bother to learn English that are stuck to the government teat.
    It’s high time to ween them off of it.

    1. My eye doc opened an ice cream business, one applicant said ‘don’t bother to call me, I just have to show unemployment that I looked for work, but I don’t want a job’.
      Those teat sucking scumbags.

  3. When I was on Food Stamps, I thought to myself, “This is other people’s money and I am going to spend it as carefully as I can and get off Food Stamps as soon as I can.”

    I suspect some recipients think of it as reparations for the ancestor’s enslavement or exploitation.

    The Obama admin’s health mavens used better nutrition for, say, the elderly as a reason to get more people on the dole.

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