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Sarah Sanders: Suggestion Trump “Complicit” in School Shootings “Outrageous”

She’s right. That’s essentially what’s going on here.

MNSBC White House Reporter Peter Alexander wouldn’t take yes for an answer Wednesday in the briefing room. He wanted to know what the president was doing to stop school shootings, and he didn’t care about what he was hearing from Sanders.

As you are aware, the only acceptable answer for the press is gun control. Unfortunately, Alexander didn’t initially get the response he was looking for.

Sanders said:

The President instructed his administration to make the recent crime wave a top priority.  Some of the things that they’ve accomplished in that process, and been focused on, is they’ve charged more defendants with violent-crime offenses than in any year in decades, they’ve charged the most federal firearm prosecutions in a decade, and they’ve convicted 1,200 gang members and took down numerous drug-trafficking organizations, all in an attempt to help create safer and better communities, and certainly safer schools.

Pressed further by Alexander, she even added in a little suggestion of gun control:

I know the Department of Justice instructed ATF to do a thorough review on a number of firearm provisions.  That is ongoing, and it will be submitted to the Office of Management and Budget.  We’re going through that process.

Oh. Got an answer we might be looking for. Well, that’s not enough:

What about coming before nation and telling Americans how he feels about this issue, and try to do what he can with the bully pulpit to help?

Telling America how he feels? Is that what’s going to stop lunatics from shooting up schools? The idea here is that no matter what Trump does, he’s not doing enough.

Sanders responded:

Let me be very clear on this. The fact that you’re basically accusing the President of being complicit in a school shooting is outrageous.

One might also add, if one wanted to adopt the tactics of the left, that the focus on school shootings and the lack of interest in what Trump is doing to reduce crime is racist. Because mass shootings make up a tiny percentage of the killings of this country. The biggest problem is black on black crime in the inner cities, made worse by Barack Obama’s decision to highlight the relatively rare cases of white police officers unjustly shooting African Americans and the resultant hesitancy of cops to do police work.

But black-on-black crime doesn’t interest the elite media, which wants to focus on the drama of school shootings and protecting their own, overwhelmingly white, kids at their nice schools in the suburbs.

9 thoughts on “Sarah Sanders: Suggestion Trump “Complicit” in School Shootings “Outrageous””

  1. MrTrump: the shooting at a high school in NM is a tragedy that should not have happened. I’m instructing the DOE to issue orders that all public school teachers be issued firearms, and trained to use those arms.
    ? Is that what they want to hear from the Prez?

  2. I seem to have missed Mr. Alexander’s outrage at Bernie Sanders when James Hodgkinson shot up a bunch of Republicans at a baseball practice.

    Anybody got a link?

  3. Sanders should have given him a long, withering look and replied, “How the hell do you THINK he feels about two innocent teenagers being murdered?” End it with another look that silently says “YOU IDIOT”!

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