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White House to Release Legislative Proposal on DACA Monday

From a statement by the press secretary:

The White House will release a legislative framework on Monday that represents a compromise that members of both parties can support. We encourage the Senate to bring it to the floor. This framework will fulfill the four agreed-upon pillars: securing the border and closing legal loopholes; ending extended-family chain migration; cancelling the visa lottery, and providing a permanent solution on DACA.

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5 Responses to White House to Release Legislative Proposal on DACA Monday

  1. Abiding by the Constitution is never radical. Unless ofcourse you have been brainwashed by the lib media . Follow the laws on the books…sounds simple to me.

  2. The problem with ALL the DACA proposals is they not only legalize the children, they legalize the parents too. That is why you see the DACA numbers vary from 800,000 to 3-4 million.