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Washington Post Quotes a “Person”

Seriously? That’s now the standard for anonymous sourcing? All you have to do is say they are someone who exists on planet earth?

The Washington Post, in its latest discovery about how President Trump is seizing the reins of the republic to recast it into a tyranny – a report about how he asked then-Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe whom he voted for – actually reported news based on that someone said it.

“One person said the Trump-McCabe conversation is of interest to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III,” the Post reported.

Wow. Delicious. Who is that person, Grandma Eleanor?

Look, I do think reporters should put people on background. It is an important tool for finding out information. But to be credible, the source has to be given some kind of affiliation, the more precise the better. And if you’re going to get important news from a source on background, you should have a second source confirming it.

But that’s all out the window at this point. Mainstream journalism has cast off all pretense of objectivity and professionalism and will simply do whatever it takes to get a story – and to get Trump.

In addition to the bracing news that Trump might ask a man about his political sympathies knowing his wife took nearly half a million dollars in campaign donations from a PAC controlled by a close friend of the Clintons, the Post uncovered that Trump got angry at McCabe during the meeting.

“The encounter is also the latest example of Trump erupting at a senior official,” the Post reported.

Oh please. Someone save the nation this man.

8 thoughts on “Washington Post Quotes a “Person””

  1. Who’s fooling who here- MrTrump knew that McCabe owed allegiance to the Clintons, and felt threatened by the FBI’s underhanded efforts to destroy his presidency. He knew Obama was working with the FBI and the DOJ to protect MrsClinton, and had captured his every word uttered at TrumpTower and who knows where else – all in an unsuccessful, unlawful attempt to keep him out of the WhiteHouse.
    When a high-ranking official in a investigative organization is allowed to vote on who they want to be their boss, or allow their family member to become indebted to a political candidate who might be their boss, then we have big troubles to work out.

    Of course MrTrump was angry, we are angry,too.
    We’re watching all this unfold, we’re sickened by the treachery and sedition of high ranking members of our government institutions.
    The Dems and RINOs better find some willing scapegoats who will take the heat for all this skullduggery, and do it fast, or we will see the “fundamental change” that Obama promised, but not what he had in mind.

    1. Yes, to take neutral entities such as the FBI and CIA and turn them into part of the Democrat party and dedicated to its agenda is to have destroyed a basic part of our way of life.

      We were “this close” to a coup and never would have known it if people had not elected Donald Trump.

      1. That’s the truly worrisome part, if the
        Hilldabeast had won, all would have been swept under the rug and never seen the light of day.

  2. And this ‘person’ will probably be shocked if/when Trump wins 40 states in 2020.

    Because everyone this ‘person’ knows voted for McGovern, too.

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