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Marie Harf to Progressives: Get Out of “Fantasyland”

Well now, that’s a tall order. Because fantasyland is where progressives spend most of their time.

Nevertheless, Harf is right that a lot of lefties are just on a feel-good mission in their anger at Chuck Schumer, who knew that shutting down the government over illegal immigrants was going to kill any chance Democrats have of winning Senate and House seats in swing states and districts.

Harf appeared on Fox News:

What I would say to progressives who are mad at Chuck Schumer: Guys, elections have consequences. We’re not in the majority. As much as you wish, in some fantasy land, we could control things, and force DACA through a shutdown, that is not how governing works. And if you’re going to go and vote for someone else, who are you going to look for to better defend you? . . . You may be mad at Chuck Schumer, but unfortunately, governing is much harder than carrying signs and protesting.

I know a lot of people dispise her, but I find Harf likable. She’s smart, much more direct than many who serve in government, where she was a State Department spokeswoman, and has some guts to appear as a liberal contributor on Fox News. There, she has to debate while outnumbered and certainly deal with lots of hate mail. And she doesn’t just read back the morning news to you, which is what so many “commentators” on TV do.

5 thoughts on “Marie Harf to Progressives: Get Out of “Fantasyland””

  1. MsHarf is in fantasyland herself if she thinks progressives are tuned into FOX, and if one wanders in by mistake, that they would care what she thinks or says.
    In today’s harsh and unforgiving world of progressives and radical Dems, any deviation from the message is considered traitorous and a reason to be forgotten and/or silenced.

  2. I still recall Marie Barf standing up and defending every sneeze, blink and fart that Barack Obama made and calling it golden.
    I cannot like her no matter what.
    Yes, Chuck Schumer, the Democrats, the illegal aliens and the crazed leftists, who all “demand” passage of DACA now!, are living in a fantasyland. But they are dangerous in their fanaticism and their mistaken belief that they have rights in this country and are owed citizenship or anything else.
    It would be nice if the GOP presented a united front against this slow rolling train wreck that is DACA; but unfortunately, we have Senators like Lindsey Graham who is beholden to his big money people who want cheap labor, and Senators like Jeff Flake who, I believe, is seeking to do as much damage as he can before his exit.
    I sincerely hope as 08 Feb gets closer that this mind numbingly ridiculous issue is resolved in a manner that shows people that they have no entitlement to come to the US, especially illegally.
    I am counting on DT and the GOP to rise up and give these destroyers the royal stomping they deserve.

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