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Video || Sarah Sanders is Tight on Time

I don’t particularly like that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders spends so little time taking questions. Many of her briefings last less than 20 minutes.

Now, it’s not clear to me that she provides much less information than other press secretaries, who meandered around saying nothing for 45 minutes. What’s more, President Trump himself has been far more available to reporters than some of his predecessors, taking questions before or after events and even while walking to his helicopter.

But Sanders should give the press more time, there’s no reason not to, and it addresses the fundamental right of the press to question the government. Yes, even if the press is biased against Republicans and Trump in particular, which of course it is. What’s more, it would give her more time to drill home her own message.

H/T Washington Free Beacon for the video.

7 thoughts on “Video || Sarah Sanders is Tight on Time”

  1. We’re just surprised they haven’t limited press briefings to once a week or twice a month by now.
    The pros who throw out ridiculous, or insulting, or just dumb questions have no one to blame but themselves.
    For instance, asking if MrTrump is a racist – really? that’s a legit question?
    Then there’s the “pro” who makes themselves the news.
    If they can’t figure out what the problem is with the briefings, then we don’t need them at all.

  2. If she gave them more time, it would only allow them to even more selectively edit what she says. Twenty minutes is more than enough for those lying traitorous swill.

  3. As I tied my horse to the hitching post, I walked by my delivery of bottled milk and went into the house and picked up my TV Guide to see what I should watch on TV…..

    ….. the Press Conference should be weaved into this tongue and checker… time for it to go.

    The information exchange can be done in a much less chaotic and idiotic manner. I could have 3 tech savvy high schoolers come up with a method very easily. ….

    Waste of human capital…

  4. Sara is, of course, head and shoulders above the third rate spokes-parrots of the Obama administration, none of whom I would trust to walk my dog around the block safely. Sara is all business and to the point, and seemingly not given to meaningless chit chat or meandering around the point she’s making. She knows the corporate press despises Trump and everything he stands for, and they know she knows. I like the all business approach she takes. But that’s just me. ;+}

  5. Maybe it’s because if she took more questions, she’d end up putting more of the media hacks in their place.

    And even THAT assumes no self-beclowning by the Democratic operatives with bylines. I mean, really…how much “watch me look stupid” time DO all the April Ryan send-ups need, anyway?

    She’s arguably doing them a *favor* by keeping it short. Giving them more time to grandstand accomplishes little, and helps no one.

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