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Video || How Late Night Treated Barack Obama

Answer: A little bit of fun needling and plenty of praise.

It’s such a disappointment. It has become impossible to watch late night TV, particularly Saturday Night Live, which spends half the show going after Trump, and not particularly cleverly.

This segment of a game show hosted by actress Jessica Chastain this past Saturday seemed a new low point to me.

I don’t why I would submit to being lectured about morality and politics by people who feel qualified to do so merely because they are on TV and in the movies and are paid extraordinarily well. A few actors do spend serious time trying to understand issues. But no more than a few, I’m sure. Not to mention it’s an industry that has tolerated and covered up rampant sexual abuse of women.

If only average Americans who will see a bump in their paychecks next year and are benefitting from the soaring economy and stock market could have such a platform.

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  1. Whoever the target audience is for these propogandtainment shows, in addition to all those involved in their production (including the janitors), it is clear they are comfortable with having taken part in ‘suiciding’ the Western male.

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