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Howard Kurtz “Radicalized” by Anti-Trump Media

Howard Kurtz, who has covered the press for decades for the Washington Post, CNN and now Fox News, says he is in shock about how biased the press has become against President Trump.

According to Politico, which obtained a copy of a new book by the author:

“The past two years have radicalized me,” Kurtz writes. “I am increasingly troubled by how many of my colleagues have decided to abandon any semblance of fairness out of a conviction that they must save the country from Trump . . .

“Donald Trump is staking his presidency, as he did his election, on nothing less than destroying the credibility of the news media; and the media are determined to do the same to him,” he writes. Kurtz argues that many news organizations are “no longer making much attempt to hide their contempt” for the president. And he takes issue with prominent journalists who have publicly characterized Trump as a “racist” based on his words and actions through the years.

It’s funny how people in Washington become creatures of the organizations they work for. Perhaps Kurtz’s shock at the media is genuine, but I wonder if he would be saying this were he still at the Washington Post.

5 thoughts on “Howard Kurtz “Radicalized” by Anti-Trump Media”

  1. Racist means nothing or everything now. Against illegal immigration – racist. Want to limit immigration to merit based methods – racist. Don’t like the way MrsObama jumped in a gunny sack- racist. Fear too many Muslim immigrants are not here for Apple Pie and the Flag – racist.
    It’s not the name calling anymore, it’s the lies, the spin, the constant charge of some wrongdoing without any real facts that upset us the most.
    We can stand racist, or deplorable, or any-phobe, but we won’t stand for out and out vicious lies. We aren’t amused by certain journalists making personal attacks on the POTUS because of some slight, or some words they don’t approve of.
    They , the MSM, lost us, maybe forever.
    It’s their own fault.

  2. Trump is not aiming to destroy the credibility of the media. He is aiming to REVEAL the falseness of the stories put forward by the biased press.

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