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Why Are Republicans Blamed Every Time There’s a Shutdown?

I don’t get it. Republicans are moving legislation that would continue funding the government, and Democrats are opposing it because it doesn’t legalize “Dreamers” brought illegally to the United States as children.

During the 2013 and 1995-96 shutdowns, Republicans were blamed for grinding the government to a halt. This time, it could not be more clear that the ones holding things up are the Democrats. Republicans now are generally willing to pass a “continuing resolution” that maintains funding at current levels to provide time for the Dreamers issue to be negotiated. They’ve even thrown in money for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, something they thought Democrats would like, since every time there’s a dispute on Capitol Hill Democrats accuse Republicans of harming children.

But apparently, there’s debate about who is causing the shutdown. Note that Democrats and some allies in the press are framing this as a “can Republicans govern?” issue. Were Republicans causing the problem, nobody would be talking about Democrats’ failure to govern, only about Republicans causing disruption.

The Democrats are holding spending hostage based over illegal immigrants. However heartbreaking some of their cases may be, that’s what’s going on. What I find more heartbreaking is that Democrats are forcing Republicans to delay devising a spending bill that will increase funding for our military, which desperately needs it to defend us after having its budget gutted during the Obama years.

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  1. The Dems and the MSM(same thing) are blaming the Repubs for the impending shutdown. Why, because they won’t cave to the demands of making illegal aliens citizens.
    When the illegal aliens jumped our border with their children in hand, they didn’t know the language, the customs or much of anything about American modern mores and values.
    If we send all of the illegal aliens (including the ones brought here as children)back to the land of their birth, they will be doing the reverse actions that brought them here.
    We can’t pick and choose who is more valuable or who has a sad, pathetic story allowing them to stay here after they have committed a crime against our country’s laws.

    The Dems have nothing to offer to America. As for the current budget CR, shame on the Repubs for not casting a solid, unanimous Aye.

  2. The Republicans are finally fighting back with a great counter-punch (military over illegals) a winnable argument! I hope our side (yes, bloggers & T. V. analysts)don’t do the usual thing, that is to parrot the Dems/Media spin! You know the Republicans are in the right – KEEP SAYING & WRITING SO!

  3. To answer your question – because Democrats are never at fault. For anything. Ever.

    Thing is, most people don’t really care about the shutdown, as their lives won’t be impacted one bit.

    And it’s not a winner or loser at the ballot box, so nobody REALLY cares.

    Let them rot.

    1. LOL – absolutely agree! Don’t people remember the 2016 elections (Trump 1-3% of winning)! I still say, part of the problem is the Loser Mentality of the so-called right-wing T.V. Analysts/Media types & Rhinos.

  4. Answer: because the fanatic Democrats and their stooges in corporate media want us to believe Republicans are to blame for the “shut down” and everything else gone wrong. And they tell us 24/7. No more complicated than that.

  5. LOL, the President has cancelled his trip to Marlago.

    It’s funny how the TDS has impacted the left’s logical process… it makes for reading some funny posts and articles from the tds msm…

  6. FYI: Arizona Governor (R) has promised to keep the Grand Canyon Nat’l Park open if there is a federal government shutdown.
    We will pay whatever it takes to keep the park open to visitors.

    1. Good for him – perhaps this will start a trend with the other Republican Governors to do the same in their states, that has federal public entities.

    2. A great precedent. Way too much power has migrated to the federal branch over time, it needs to implode itself and let the states re-realize that they are sovereign. F the rinos and anti-freedom dems. All of them. It’s not just the Dems that have nothing to offer us.

  7. Because the republicans allow the democrats to blame them, and don’t throw the truth back at them. And, the trust worthy media has a party every day blaming President Trump for woes created by them. The GOP needs a consolidated front but alas has to many Obama Era (errors) hold overs.
    What the dems propose is against the law and puts our nation’s security at risk, or, may be the dems didn’t care about that, just votes from illegal immigrants and terrorists from other nations making America their new home.
    Odds are the dems are lying to us—-do we ever learn??!!

  8. According to TVNewser, ABC News is seen by a little less than 10 million viewers a night and NBC by approximately the same number. CBS brings up the rear with a little more than 7 million. That comes to a total of about 27 million Americans every night being fed the same Democrat line. Propaganda works even when people suppose they’re immune to it. When the same lie is repeated every day, most people will feel…there’s gotta be SOMETHING to it. So, most people come away feeling (if not thinking) that Republicans are to blame for much that goes wrong in America. So, why do Republicans still prevail at the polls on Election Day a fair amount of the time? I believe it’s because we conservatives have the edge when it comes to THINKING. We’re not as gullible as most; we dig for information; we weigh the facts…AND we know we’re outnumbered. So, we make a special effort to get out and cast our respective votes when the time comes. But imagine if just ONE of the Big Three networks reported the news objectively; not from a conservative point of view, but just honestly and completely.

  9. Trump is setting the tone… Throw the truth back at them. Unlike the Bushes…. Trump has fight in him.

    Someone once said… ‘Pick your battles’

    Trump picks all of them. It is a great strategy. Back in the day.. I was an elected city council member… and I fought EVERY battle no matter how small. Management quickly figured out that I was not going to take any crap.

    Trump has the same idea — albeit at a much bigger scale.

    Remember – fight every battle.

  10. Dave – share with us your feelings on Bill Clinton and the documented activities that took place in and around the Oval Office. I’d be interested in knowing more. Also – tell me about your feelings on JFK and what he had going on with young female employees.

    And Dave – Al Franken – Harvey Weinstein – Matt Lauer — Charlie Rose – give me some feedback on your feelings on those folks (add others if you want)

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  12. “He just wants to get out of town to his porn stars and pimp tickets to his event. I guess billions is not enough for him that he needs to milk as much as he can while in office.”

    Jealousy is not an attractive trait, Dave.

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