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Obama to Return to the Campaign Trail this Fall

Oh no. Please spare us. The lecturing, the sanctimony, the moralizing. And of course, the worship – from the press, from his fans, from all the people who say they miss the times when the White House had a president everyone could respect.

You know, the times that saw the lowest GDP growth rate of any post-war president – even amidst expanded government spending and crazy low interest rates – falling and stagnant incomes, and the whole world set afire while the president gutted the military, and set North Korea and Iran on paths toward nuclear weapons status.

Those times. The good ‘ole days.

From Politico:

With the midterms approaching, people close to him say he’ll shift into higher gear: campaigning, focusing his endorsements on down-ballot candidates, and headlining fundraisers. He’ll activate his 15,000-member campaign alumni association for causes and candidates he supports — including the 40 who are running for office themselves. He’s already strategizing behind the scenes with Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez and Eric Holder, who’s chairing his redistricting effort.

The most likely stops will be where races for governor, or perhaps Senate, overlap with competitive races for the House and state legislature. Obama won’t endorse in primaries, but once he does weigh in, will be open to a range of ways to help, from rallies like the one he did for Ralph Northam in the Virginia governor’s race to the robocall he recorded for Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race.

23 thoughts on “Obama to Return to the Campaign Trail this Fall”

  1. Oh, goody.
    Next WHD piece: Meteor heading for earth.
    Next: Canada has declared war against the US.
    Next: Social Security out of money.

  2. LOL, Obama really needs to go away and STFU. He just may be helping the GOP voters more with his uninspiring Trump-bashing messages of “hope and change back to the dreams of his father”. Also, what swell Dem policies will he be endorsing too, open borders, dead cops and babies?

    And who are these 15,000 alumni they speak of? Probably the same crowd stinking up Facebook and Twitter with their vile comments ;)

    1. I’m torn. Part of me wants Obozo to help Trump, by shooting off his big mouth. The other part of me just wants Obozo to go away forever, as I’m so sick of his sanctimonious pontificating..

    2. I live in a huge dem state, IL O’s home town maybe these days.
      The prob is he will fire up the voters in huge cities too vote. Rauner is the Govn. and wants to stay govn. The dem demons in IL will get fired up for dems and Rauner might lose election. The # of ppl in big cites in IL are more than live in the rest of the state.

    3. Why can’t the girly man just fade away, spend time with his lovely “wife” and family, hang out with his obscenely rich pals and leave politics to those who actually care about their country? He can’t because he’s the ultimate narcissist, who will never stop believing he is smarter and better than everyone else.

  3. And in preparation for the resurrection of The Mighty Obama this fall, anybody note an AP story today about the amazing Dow Jones record and the improving economy? They give Obama the credit. Yup. They actually do.

      1. Yep, I see it now. The amazing thing is that you’d think the “journalists” peddling this malarkey would understand that when they run stories like this, they become a laughing stock among people who are watching all this. But they are beyond shame or contrition. Amazing to watch them get so tangled up in their underwear.

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  6. The more he talks….the more people will realize that the problems we have today (defined however you want)… were available for Obama to solve for 8 years…







    Move over pal, your turn is over. Let the next person have a shot at it.

    Obama talking will only help Trump.

    1. Among the questions that should be asked about Obama’s administration is: why was Obama so motivated to let ISIS thrive and wreck havoc everywhere?

  7. Why are we so afraid of this useless has been poser? Let’s all man up and enjoy our booming economy. He still scares the crap out of people. Most women like me could take that man down. He’s just a little skinny liberal creation.

  8. Nothing like the name Obummer to get the Kofflers all fired up. Glad to see you’re all back. Keep the home cannons firing!

    Swedish Lady?
    Island Girl?

  9. Haven’t you got a tee time somewhere, Soetoro?

    Or have you kicked the habit, now that you have to pay your own greens fees?

    But please, if you love campaigning so much, by all means, go for it. You’re only going to succeed in reminding people not only why Trump won, but why he’s succeeding.

    He’s succeeding, in the main, by ripping your cancerous legacy out, root and branch.

    America did not need a “stimulus”: all it needed, was your boot off its neck.

    But hey, if you want to get out there to feed your oversized ego, and remind us all just how awful your reign of error was, then by all means, get on down with your bad self.

  10. Are libs going to cheer wish those obama days still here. No jobs poverty rack up trillions. High food stamps q 123 pumped into stock mkt high unemployment. No wage growth regulation strangling buss. Don’t forget Obamacare penalties. 1.3 avg gdp for 7 years. Yea let’s go back!

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