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Video || Reporters’ Exhaustive and Exhausting Questions for Trump’s Doctor

One asked about Hepatitis. Hepatitis?

I didn’t hear an answer in there about whether the president is getting enough magnesium. I mean, is he getting enough magnesium or not? The country needs to know. Where are Woodward and Bernstein when you need them?

9 thoughts on “Video || Reporters’ Exhaustive and Exhausting Questions for Trump’s Doctor”

  1. They were ready, excited. They were going to get something to sink their teeth in, finally. A scrap of meat, they can grab it and win!
    So sad (and amusing) to watch a pack of human hyenas growling and snapping for what turned out to be a piece of white bread.
    Someone asked the Doctor if he was holding something back – y’know the STD, Viagra, constipation, the racist bone, the black heart… I guess.
    The press sounded so stupid and biased.
    We now know more about the POTUS’s health than we know about our own.

  2. I do not recall Obama’s doctor spending as much time reporting on Obama’s health.

    When Obama was president he did no wrong and was the smartest man in the room.

    Now it is President Trump does nothing right and is the dumbest man in the room plus he is mentally unfit to be president.

    How can America survive with the kind of press we have?

  3. You could sense the enormous disappointment and amazement in the pack of media jackals as they learned about Trump’s good health. The doctor HAD to be lying, compromised, covering up the “true” information about Trump’s health. The media propagandists have been telling us for months that Trump was crazy, unhealthy, a lunatic. They had been peddling the “Trump isn’t healthy”, Trump is deranged” memes for so long, and now this doctor is saying exactly the opposite.

    Those of us of a certain age can remember this is exactly how the fanatic media propagandists and liberals used the same tactic against Goldwater and Reagan. Remember these little media gems about those two? “He isn’t healthy. He’s got early Alzheimer’s. He’s lazy. He sleeps all the time. He wants to destroy the world. He’s lost his memory. He doesn’t understand what he’s doing. He can’t remember names. He slurs his speech.”? etc. etc. etc. It’s an old tactic (the enemies of Julius Caesar said these same things about him) , used by political fanatics who want to destroy anyone who disagrees with them. You’d think they’d come up with something different and more interesting after all these years.

  4. Embarrassing questions. Ahh, but this is the media with the “insatiable desire for truth” or whatever Oprah said.
    Yeah right. More like Middle Schoolers.

  5. A book entitled The Authoritarian Personality, published mid-20th century, proposed that intact, affectionate families were in denial of the subtle psycho dynamics repressing their urges that would lead said family members into strong ethnocentrism resulting in aggression against innocents because of pent up frustration. This ‘assumption’ was widely curricularized, themed into novels-movies-news shows & print, & any other mind-entry mechanism. Today’s ‘media’ is comprised of 2nd & 3rd generation human robots of this mentality (the baby boomers being the 1st & targeted generation for this programming) who know to use it against President Trump- an authoritarian personality – & any one who allies with such a one (in this case the physicians). This is also why the ‘media’ suggest Trump is a ‘racist’ – a communist hate term to replace the the rational adjective ‘racially conscious’.

  6. The answer to the stupidity of the press core may only be that they are paid to play with the native viewing audience who have been educated to not think for themselves but only to follow direction and norms of the mainstream media.

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