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Sanders: If Trump were Anyone Else, Media Would Trumpet his Success

Well, unless he was Ronald Reagan. But the point is well taken.

Sanders said today of Trump:

If he was anybody else, the media would be going on and on trumpeting his successes. We have the best economy we’ve had in decades. People are back at work. Things are going well for America, and we have a  president that is putting our country first. And I think that is something that should be celebrated, not mocked, not laughed at, and certainly not attacked every second of every day.

Sanders is in the video below. The video also notes that ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news coverage of Trump this year was 90 percent unfavorable. How does that not merit pushback from the White House? The media themselves have discredited their profession by being so biased. I’m not comfortable with the White House attacking the press, but what the media won’t tell you is that Obama did the same, only behind the scenes instead of in front of it.

Below is video of Sen. Jeff Flake bashing Trump for bashing the media and likening Trump’s commentary to that of Josef Stalin and comparing Nikita Khruschev favorably to Trump.

A president attacking the press is lamentable, but it has nothing to do with Josef Stalin, which shows a failure to understand Stalin. The media have been irresponsible and have brought this on themselves. But all they will do is attack Trump, and backed by people like Flake – who can’t even get the GOP nomination is his own state and has decided to stand down – will tell themsleves they are wonderful and nothing is wrong with how they operate.

7 thoughts on “Sanders: If Trump were Anyone Else, Media Would Trumpet his Success”

  1. The gutless Republicans are as much responsible for Trump as the despicable, traitorous Democrats. Trump is not perfect but he sure as hell knows how to get things done and believes in American greatness.

  2. Jeff Flake. How surprised and disappointed he must have been to find that less than 15% of the voters in AZ approved of him and his voting record.
    He gives a petty and almost treasonous speech against a sitting President that he doesn’t like, but said nothing against Obama who used his office to create faux laws and the whole executive branch as his personal mafia to silence or punish those he considered enemies.
    Flake is entitled to his opinion anywhere but on the floor of the US Senate where he represents the people of Arizona – the same people who voted for MrTrump.

    Now, because he is not running for reelection, we will have a free for all in the primary for his vacant seat. So far, three women, one man have signaled their desire to be that candidate – two worthwhile Repub women, one dodgy, bi-sexual, Obama-ite far left Dem woman, and the ever present Sheriff Joe.
    Odds are that SenMcCain is also about to retire, and then we’ll really have a circus election – clowns, magicians, and maybe a hoochy-coochy dancer.
    Politics is fun except when it’s not.

    1. We really should encourage McCain to retire this year and enjoy his days in Sedona. Ditto to 85 yr old Arpaio, who should retire in Fountain Hills, and spend his days searching for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine in the Superstition Mountains.

  3. Absolutely! What really kills me is when conservative NeverTrumpers point to the President’s low favorability numbers and claim it is due to something other than round-the-clock lambasting of DJT by the media. Like I said on Facebook earlier today, put me in charge of the mainstream media for two months and I’ll have the President’s favorables up around 75% and most Democrats’ numbers down around 30%…which is where they belong!

  4. It’s lamentable, IF what Trump is calling the media out about is false. Everything that the media has been called on is accurate. Every breathless, anonymous sourced speculation that is on the “fake news” list has had to be retracted, walked back, or otherwise been found to be false.
    As with other professions the news media needs to be held to account.

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